Jon Stewart, lied then cried?

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Well, from time to time we watch Jon Stewart, (not sure if that is spelled right or not, don’t really care either, but the thing here is this Jon usually is funny, you know the Ha Ha kind of funny.

This time was different, Jon was doing a bit, about fox news, which hey its worth money right, but what bothered us was the very real fact that Fox news had the news story exactly correct and Jon was “pretending” or “acting” as if Fox news was lying, which sort of means that Jon was actually the liar.

Hope I have not confusiated you at all, but that is clearly wrong, not only because it was wrong what Jon did, but on top of all that, the level of vitriol was so thick you could stir it with a stick, it was sickening.

I dont know for sure if this is something that he actually wanted to do.

In fact I sort of  hope that as the title of the story suggested, he knew what he did was wrong but he did it anyway likely because someone forced him to do it then he lied and after the show was over and he was in his dressing room, I can imagine that he cried.

Not just because of what he had done but because it was not funny it was evil and he knew it, perhaps that is one of the alleged reasons that he is leaving the show.


We never know for sure what happens behind the scenes.