Ghouls are real…

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In a recent news story a tragic accident claimed the lives of seven people who were going about their days as they had for many years when a horrible accident took their lives.

What is often even worse is human nature or at least the nature of the beast which is something that we face in our population. 

The worst kind of foul beast would likely not act as despicable as this news organization that allegedly reported (incorrectly) that a train derailment which took the lives of at least seven people, was the fault of a political party, (give you one guess who they blamed?)

The problem here is a simple one but you could call it ignorance, stupidity, foolishness, but what is it really?

When a news organization seeks to politicize a tragedy which by all accounts was not a failure of infrastructure.

Brian NAYLOR, reports that Train Derailment Highlights Amtrak’s Infrastructure Needs but that was not true at all, it seems that the train at the time of the accident was traveling at 106 miles an hour in a 50 MPH curve, which as anyone can tell you will result in an accident.

There is no excuse for human error but here it is.

So, when looking at all the different events here how is Brian Naylor correct in saying that infrastructure failed those people who perished aboard that train?

It seems like people are living in a land where lies are believed simply because the media have a free pass to say what ever they want even if it is not true.