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  • How you know the media is lying

    How can you tell when the media is lying is very simple and easy. You know they only support Democrats for President… They are biased for democrats. So, when you see them making a big deal out of something that they say is going to keep a republican from wining an office then you know […]

  • October surprise from wikileaks

    The dreaded October Surprise has begun and it is blatant corruption at its worst. The truth here is a problem both for the democrats and for the Media. Transcripts from Hillary’s Speeches to Wall Street where she was paid Millions of dollars (reported by the media) Imagine what will happen next… Is America completely corrupted?

  • Trump and the Media..

    You might think that the media are in love with Trump, but is that true?     Some readers might think thats crazy is the writer being facetious? Yes the writer is being facetious… source…         It is possible that there are some in the media that Do like him but many […]

  • first biased news debate

    Well, they say that things tend to follow easily recognizable patterns. That seems to be true for the Democratic Debate which was so different than the republican debate for one thing the questions asked were very different. Warning…  comedy has been known to emulate the truth when the truth is too scary for some voters. […]

  • Biden for President…

    You know what even though Biden has made plenty of Gafs the dude would make a better President than Hillary. ANYONE BUT HILLARY… WE MEAN THAT TOO… Why not, I mean he is a good candidate for the people. The regular joe voter out there would be a good pick for Biden. Draft Joe Biden […]

  • selling America out…

    Politicians seem to have this unique ability to both charm and lie in the same breath… Lately it seems that almost every politician cares nothing more than just vague lip service to the people who elected him or her to office. They say well fix this… Were going to make this happen….

  • Is Hillary above the law?

    You might think about the movie above the law, you know the one with Stephen Segal, Of course the movie trailer has nothing to do with the content we just thought it would be interesting to watch. You see the problem with political corruption is a simple one, our society has allowed our political leaders to […]

  • Email Gate Clinton Scandal?

    Is Email Gate, a Scandal? Well, Yes, it is, not just because she broke the laws of the United States of America, but also because she destroyed Government property. She admits that she destroyed some 30,000 Emails. This is a huge problem, forget for a moment that it was illegal and unethical. WE can forgive […]

  • Huckabee, cannot win…

    Now this is nothing against the man, because he is a good guy with experience doing a great job governing, however he will never be president. Now he has every right to run for president. But is it the “Right” thing to do for the Republican party. Earlier we saw Mit Romney bow out of […]

  • Democrats founded the KKK

    Is this the truth? How can this be true? How can this be true, I mean the media would have you believe that it is the republicans that did the bad things, but as we can see now it was not true, the democrats are liars, according to this video.