Is Hillary above the law?

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You might think about the movie above the law, you know the one with Stephen Segal, Of course the movie trailer has nothing to do with the content we just thought it would be interesting to watch.

You see the problem with political corruption is a simple one, our society has allowed our political leaders to get away with crime all because of a double standard.   Should we allow allegedly corrupt political officials to get away with committing criminal acts?

We know that if it were any one of us out there that did something like this we would have to pay a price for doing what has been done here and its not about being a democrat at least not really the democrats might want to make it an issue like that but the truth here is clear, Hillary is not fit for the office of president.

Thats the real thing that we should all be thinking about because its really simple, if someone cannot be trusted to do the right thing and if someone cannot tell the truth about why four men died in benghazi, how can we trust that person to stand up to the world when it really counts.

That is the only real question here, because I think we all know what happens when weak leaders fail to lead.



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