How you know the media is lying

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How can you tell when the media is lying is very simple and easy.

You know they only support Democrats for President…

They are biased for democrats.

So, when you see them making a big deal out of something that they say is going to keep a republican from wining an office then you know that the opposite is actually the truth.

Want to know why?

Simple again if the media were really telling you the truth about a news story about a republican then why would they ever say a word?

If as they say Trump is finished then why bother saying anything?

If what they say is true then all they would have to do is remain silent and then the democrat would win right?

Sure but they do not remain silent unless the news story is about a democrat then they really do say nothing.

I just love to see these talking heads pretending to really care about a republican.


More so when they identify as a democrat.

Imagine a democrat caring about if a republican makes a mistake?

That is like playing a game of chess and then having your opposite player tell you that your move was a mistake and would you like to fix that move, well you know that you cannot trust your opponent in sports or in intellectual activities, that is the truth.

Yet, somehow were to believe that the news media is so concerned about Trump that they spend day and night talking about him.

If he was as they seem to be saying done and not electable then they would not have anything to say.

So, the next time you are watching Fox news (if you can stand to watch their biased news anymore) then just know that if all they cover is Trump and how badly he does or how bad the mistakes he makes are then you know for sure they are lying to you.

The best way to handle Fox news is to turn them off or just watch some other channel, (If you can stand the bias)

You can be like all the other people out there and keep being lied to or you can understand the truth about the lies the media are telling.