October surprise from wikileaks

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The dreaded October Surprise has begun and it is blatant corruption at its worst.

The truth here is a problem both for the democrats and for the Media.

Transcripts from Hillary’s Speeches to Wall Street where she was paid Millions of dollars (reported by the media)

Imagine what will happen next…

Is America completely corrupted?

disclaimer, the publication team at blagoplanet.com has no opinion on this video or its content view at your own discretion, we provide information that the media will not publish or promote because of how corrupted the media actually have become.

The lies and the corruption is exactly why we are suffering in this nation. 

When your government is corrupt and your political system is corrupt and the media is corrupt then its time that people get off the couch and vote because that is the one way that “We the People” can take America back.

It is time to vote.

It is time to stop what the Media are tying to hide.

When the truth finally comes out it is time to do the right thing.

Doing the right thing is all about voting, notice that were not telling you how to vote.

Were not trying to tell you what you can do in your own home.

Were not telling you that you cannot display the American flag…

Those are the people that this election is all about.

They are far and few between but the only way to defeat the insanity here is to vote.

Vote 2016 because it is time that We the People have more to say than the corrupt Media.