Ron Paul gets irate?

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Well in an interview with one of the blonds on Fox news this morning, this particular girl, tends to ask some silly questions, (allegedly) and it is frustrating, to hear someone make a well really “Stupid” statement it is like a waste of time for the viewer and the person being interviewed. 

The topic here was Rick Perry, which may have been an issue for Ron Paul anyway, (who goes on TV to talk about someone else right?)  Still the blond girl does her typical question type stuff, (allegedly) which is at times, just well silly. 

So what is with this type of questioning, and was Ron Paul right to put down the silly blonde?

You bet he was, you know what I have not heard much from Ron Paul, and I have to really say that I was impressed by the way he shut up that allegedly stupid and silly blonde, that probably should be doing the weather instead of serious news, sure she is cute and pretty, but you know what, she has no brains, (allegedly)


When you think about it the media has a habit of covering only a certain part of the news.

They seem to have this built in method of putting down certain candidates when compared to other candidates.