The truth about the Debates…

When you think about how the media have allegedly subverted the debate process and turned it into an entertainment show instead of what it should be.

What a Joke the Debates were this year, a series of shams perpetrated on people with weak minds.

But you know what is really wrong with that last statement?  It suggests that your stupid, too ignorant to figure out what to do with your life, so that is what the media really want to control everything about what you see, do, eat, think, feel, from what you do in the bedroom to everything in between.

Send a message to Washington this year, Vote, because it has never been more important, there has never been more at steak.

Just Vote.



Obama Lost the Debate

Obama looses debate.

You may wonder after hearing all the media talking heads saying that Obama won, but that would be a silly thing to think.

If you were actually watching the debate and your honest, you saw a man who had no answers…

The President has lost, the debate, by using personal Attacks.

Instead of debating there were personal attacks, what did that have to do with the debate at all?


The president kept trying to imply that Romney was lying, (paraphrasing)

The president used liberal talking points.

The choice is clear, Americans who love America, and the Nation.


Its time for America to Vote…

It is time for America to Vote out of office the current resident of the White house.

It is time for America to Vote, because we cannot stand another four years.

It is time to understand and realize, that we cannot say one thing and do another and still be respected world wide.


We know the truth no matter what the liars in the media have to say the truth is clear…








Romney Wins last Debate hands down.


 You know what the biased and liberal leaning tower, of Blabel, that is the media will say but the truth is that Romney is the winner.





Romney Wins, Romney Wins, Romney Wins

The headline should be Romney Wins, the Debate because what we heard was not a complete debate, there were personal attacks, straying off topic,
saying that the other man (said things that were not true)

(calling the man a liar for the rest of the world)

That is not how you win a debate, but

Romney knows…

Romney Wins…

Romney Wins…

Romney Wins the debate, its time for the media to tell the truth.

Were tired of all the liars…

Time for an election, its time to get out there and to vote, because that is what Americans do.

The leftist media will say what they always say, the fools will stand and proclaim the lie as the truth… Now you know what the truth actually is, you can vote with a clean conscious. Vote in 2012…


Debate Apology denied?

Did the president really Say he did not say what we know he did in fact say?


Debate viewed as offensive to most?

Last night debate was really not much of a debate in fact it was reported that Biden interrupted Ryan some 92 times.

How is that a debate at all?

As well the moderator failed to control Biden which caused Ryan to have to rebel in order to say anything that is wrong.

What a mess, so when you cant win a debate you interrupt, you tell lies, you disrespect you divide, you do anything but talk about the facts.



Ryan won Debate

 The Truth will be counted In November…

 If you could call it a debate with constant interruptions and a sad reflection of what we have in Washington, it is no wonder so many voters will be voting the democrats out of office this November.



Ryan Biden debate tonight

What can we expect tonight, these two men could not be farther apart intellectually,psychologically and politically… Its like throwing Gas on a Fire, but will the moderator throw in with biden?

That is the situation that you want to have a close look at because the moderator is from an allegedly biased liberal hate mongering network, (allegedly) Can we expect to see any real interaction or is it just yet another waste of time?


Obama Wins first Debate?

Yes folks you heard it here first, President Obama has already won the first in a series of debates that is critical for Mitt Romney and the Tea Party to win, sadly they have already lost all of the debates.

Why is that and how is it possible to know the future before it happens?

Simple, I know the media, I know how they think and I know how they act, no matter what happens Romney will loose, the people that ask the question are biased liberal jackasses, (allegedly)

So what are we talking about here is it really so unfair that the liberals in the media would not create a fair debate because they want to influence the election?

You know the answer to that question and most people in the US do as well, the media are so biased (allegedly)

That they can no longer distinguish reality from their fantasy world, (allgedly)


to debate or not to debate?

That is the question…

The media would have you believe that the most important qualification for
political office is the ability to debate on Television.

The truth is far from that and as usual the media have managed to at least
attempt to convince most of the viewing public that debating is the number
one consideration in choosing a candidate.

The fact is that debating in a hostile environment is likely not very practical at
all, in the last debate one of the candidates decided to skip the event, it did not
seem to matter at all.

What I find interesting is that when you see a debate where the moderators are
biased, and the main agenda is to craft a presentation that creates the impression
that one candidate or another has some magic favor that no one really understands.

They do polls that are subjective but are presented as if they were fact instead of
bad scientific guesses that frequently are skewed in favor of the paying party.

Ask a certain question and you will get a certain answer.

So in reality you really cannot trust a poll, because it is really just a representation
of the opinion of the prevailing party.  Yet you often see Fox news talk about how
this poll or that poll tells the story, but in reality it really only tells the story that
the person who paid to have the poll performed.

Who wants to pay for data that does not support their position and agenda right?

Well that sums it up nicely, because for the most part when you see someone
talk about what a polls says it usually means that they have a dog in the hunt.

When I see one of these bobble heads on the news quote a particular poll, the first
thing I consider is how many people were contacted, what time of day was it, where were
they living, in an area that is mostly democratic, or mostly independent, or mostly one view
or another.

The truth may be stranger than fiction…