Republicans in name only

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RINO, which many feel have betrayed the American people, are a little more than scared these days and with good reason.

Eric Cantor, which only a few months ago was considered to be a star has been dethroned, not because he was a bad man or even not doing a decent job but he made some mistakes.

Everyone knows that deals made with the devil never come out the way you hope.

We so often find that what we think is the truth is often a lie in disguise.

Polls told one story but the truth was something very different.

The talking heads can spin this every which way they want but what seems clear is that we have a grass movement that the media cannot control and that scares politicians.

The reason it scares them is that they have trampled all over the rights of their own supporters and constituents.

Remember this movie.


So you see, sometimes a politician might think that they know better than the people but that might not be what the truth actually is.

Let this be a warning to politicians who forget where they come from.