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  • Costs of pharmacy drugs

    In the news recently you may have noticed that the cost of some medications have been the headline. Additionally even on Facebook there have been many discussion about the cost of medications. There may be a reason why these costs keep going up and up and up… Its not what you think..

  • Republicans in name only

    RINO, which many feel have betrayed the American people, are a little more than scared these days and with good reason. Eric Cantor, which only a few months ago was considered to be a star has been dethroned, not because he was a bad man or even not doing a decent job but he made […]

  • sold out America?

    Have we been sold out by the republicans in congress, who were elected to do the will of the people. It is a serious problem when those that promise to do the right thing fail to do it, when presented with the chance to make a difference in the world have they betrayed the people […]

  • Boehner betrayed the people?

    People are fired up about this, we have serious problems here and the speaker perhaps should think about resigning. Warning this video is intense, and the guy is angry, but do you blame him? Perhaps he should be more respectful or afriad dont know which but for sure this guy is fired up and mad, […]

  • super congress unconstitutional

    Amazing news folks, it appears that not only have the American people been betrayed, but our elected leaders apparently are prepared to sacrifice the constitution in order to do what they want to do.   Not what the people want to do, but what they want to do. They are proposing that they create what would […]

  • betrayed by the Republicians?

    Have the American People been betrayed by the Republicans? Are we facing the most difficult challenge of our lives? Is Senator Mitch McConnell, quietly planning to allegedly rob millions of Americans in their sleep? senator, Mitch McConnell, allegedly may have already agreed to sell out the American people why because he is old, and has […]

  • betrayed by the GOP?

    Are we being betrayed by the GOP at large? One day after millions of Americans lost money on the Stock Exchange, the republicans are rolling over like a puppy at the feet of evil men who wish to allegedly spend us into oblivion and into slavery? Is this the one lone voice of reason? source […]

  • Debt increase?

    Are they insane? What is going on up there in Washington? Is it something in the Water? Watch the video One day after the stock market drops 140 because the first time in US history, our Credit rating has gone negative, our congress is saying that they are going to go ahead and bow and […]

  • GOP Rolls over

    It appears that once again the GOP has Betrayed the Trust of the American People. It is why, that the democrats will have a better change of getting re-elected and finishing up the alleged destruction of America. Using slight of hand, it appears that there will be less then 400 million in actual cuts, The […]

  • AARP remember what they did to you?

    You have to wonder about a company that would rather spend millions and millions of dollars in advertising and damage control over a stupid PR move than to come out and admit that they made a mistake. That is pride sure and simple something that old folks understand or do they? Just the way it […]