Dave Brat

The media seem to be focusing on Eric Cantor, we know who he is, but who is Dave Brat and why is the media playing games with the American Public.

We look at the news coverage and it is filled with Cheap political rhetoric, but why that is the focus?

Meet the man that we need more of in the Congress.


Republicans in name only

RINO, which many feel have betrayed the American people, are a little more than scared these days and with good reason.

Eric Cantor, which only a few months ago was considered to be a star has been dethroned, not because he was a bad man or even not doing a decent job but he made some mistakes.

Everyone knows that deals made with the devil never come out the way you hope.


Under dog wins Primary

As many of you will remember Eric Cantor made a serious mistake.

He turned his back on the people.

This is what happens when you ignore the people.


On Feeding Alligators

 Update, folks, Finally it appears that the Politicians have heard
from the American People, its hard to believe and harder to imagine.

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Today I received an email with a very thoughtful examination of what is going on in the congress while we struggle to manage our finances our congress has no understanding of its own job. 

Winston Churchill once said,

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile,
         hoping it will eat him last.”