November comes

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We are the People and in November it will be time to throw the old bums out and vote in all new bums…

Just Remember, Come November,
We Will Remember.

We will not forget, what has been done in the name of the liberals.

You know what we have not forgotten, I have it up on a post it note, I have it up on a calendar, I have it up where I will not forget.

It is time, to vote them out.

Remember when you did not get a cost of living increase, because they said that inflation was not that hard, on the old folks, funny how everything costs more than last year, where did these guys go to school, because it looks like every thing is higher.

it is getting closer yet, we have Harry Reid, now trying to pass a bill inside a defense bill, now that is just plain wrong. In what world does a man who is trying to get re elected, do something like this?

Why would Harry try this, because this is very very unpopular.

So now its time to vote Harry out of office because of doing things like this, he must be voted out.