Ninth Circuit

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Well this just in folks, imagine an attorney arguing that how a forign nation feels about the constitution makes the constitution invalid?

This apparently is one of the reasons why when California talks about how they need money because they are so messed up most people just are not very interested in hearing about it.

The topic Arizona immigration law.

Does a state have the right to perform its duties to the people by protecting them from illegal aliens?

When you are stopped by a law enforcement officer, what if you said you know what you dont have no right to ask to see my drivers license or to ask me any question because Mexico does not like your laws and so that makes it unconstitutional?

Now I ask you where in the existing law does that have any place?

Warning the following video is offensive it is posted here because it is evoking, we do not agree with everything in this video but the problem is this, Washington is not listening, we have been betrayed by the hope and change that everyone thought they would get, this next election do not be swayed by lies and hate, but be educated and learn about what is happening in our own nation.