Never apologize to those that care not.

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Weakness is something that when dealing with the media is a big problem, often the media tend to fixate, (good term,)

They choose a few words or a testy exchange between two people.

Then they run with that and talk all about how bad you are.

But, in real life would you sit there and take it while someone was rude and disrespectful?

No and a lot of other people would not do that either.

But when its a “REPUBLICAN”

OH MY…  Warning this video is from the Young Turkeys…

But its a great example of well just plain stupidity.

Have a look. 

Not Very Interesting, but you see those people are just not well educated.

What are Facts…

Facts in time, Yes its a fact, right but how many years have to pass before the facts they say matter really matter at all. 

interesting stuff, but in the end who really cares.



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