Media bias on the rise

After a certain amount of time you might begin to wonder what the people that run the media think…

They manage a debate and the questions are the type of half baked nonsense that you would expect from a yellow journalism publication.



The reality factor

You might consider a few things about what it is like to run for president.

There are a few things that “constitutionally” you have to quality for when running for president.

(Most) people would have no problem “Constitutionally” qualifying for running for president.

However, things have changed since our forefathers drafted the great pages of the constitution.

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Can Hillary win?

Now we all know that eventually there will be a female president, IF those that run this nation now manage to keep the spirit of America alive.

However, its a fact that there are a lot of serious problems with having a woman president not that she would be less capable than a man.

No, No, were not misogynist here, No not at all.

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Can Rand Win?

There is a road that one takes when thinking of becoming the president and it is a road that few men have actually managed to find.

This nation is at a juncture, one that for many could mean good or bad.

We have a lack of leadership. . .

We have a lot of serious problems, (no one cares who the media say are to blame), they blame bush, LOL, in fact there is a new fault in California, its Bushes fault.

But seriously…

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Never apologize to those that care not.

Weakness is something that when dealing with the media is a big problem, often the media tend to fixate, (good term,)

They choose a few words or a testy exchange between two people.

Then they run with that and talk all about how bad you are.

But, in real life would you sit there and take it while someone was rude and disrespectful?

No and a lot of other people would not do that either.

But when its a “REPUBLICAN”

OH MY…  Warning this video is from the Young Turkeys…

But its a great example of well just plain stupidity.

Have a look. 

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IRS Criminal Investigation?

In the news today a novel idea was floated, the Idea that something Criminal has been going on behind closed doors at the I.R.S.

Ok, this just proves that the media are run by people that have no clue at all, on top of that the congress was asking the same question, “Is this a criminal investigation?”

Meaning has someone as yet unidentified done something criminal at the I.R.S.?

So actually its really sort of like being a bit of a jerk to be surprised at anything that is not a criminal action happening lately at those hallowed holes.

When will America wake up because from here it looks like the media have the minds of a simpleton, the behavior of a bully and the cowardice of low men.

2016 is getting closer, just remember all of these issues, because if you think this is bad, just wait you are likely to see things that would make you cry in a 2016 world where more incompetent people are left in charge of the store.

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Ben Carson on Terrorist list?

When an organization becomes what it feared, it is time to dissolve the corporation.

Southern Poverty…

When you think about those two words you think about people that need help.

But is it the same or has it become so radical that it has become a detractor instead of the helper it was once meant to be?

So, Ben Carson has been placed on a list run by the Southern Poverty Law group, or some such non-sense, it makes you wonder that a man who has actually overcome all odds and who is the only man among those who run the poverty group to actually have overcome poverty.

It makes you wonder a great many things about this group.


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), like so many liberal institutions started decades ago, began with noble intentions. Today, however, they serve as a partisan group dedicated to a brand of political extremism that they, ironically, purport to work against.

When will evil people stop corrupting words when they are guilty themselves.

It is time to stop organizations that pervert the right ways of the truth in order to spew hate.



Amazing… Organized ready and able

Have you ever met someone that just can not seem
to get it together?

You know sometimes its you and sometimes its me, we just sometimes have a hard time getting all the sleep we need or we run behind, forget to buy things at the store get unorganized,loose track of time.

Don’t worry your not alone.

But what if you could organize things better, keep track of activities.


Hillary Clinton

Will Hillary Clinton successfully run for election?

Many people feel that it is impossible because she may lack the temperament.


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Get out the Vote?

What does that mean to you?

Get out and Vote?

Get up off that couch and vote?

Run to starbucks and vote on the way?

The get out the vote movement is a method by which some political parties, arrange for others to vote, mostly by bus loads.

They go to nursing homes and they pick up voters and provide them with a way to get to where they want them to be and so that they can likely vote the way they want them to vote.