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Never apologize to those that care not.

Weakness is something that when dealing with the media is a big problem, often the media tend to fixate, (good term,)

They choose a few words or a testy exchange between two people.

Then they run with that and talk all about how bad you are.

But, in real life would you sit there and take it while someone was rude and disrespectful?

No and a lot of other people would not do that either.

But when its a “REPUBLICAN”

OH MY…  Warning this video is from the Young Turkeys…

But its a great example of well just plain stupidity.

Have a look. 


Deny Delay Defend wasting time in Congress

You watch on the news how some of these Congressmen and Senators, often seem to really go after a witness, at first you might think that hey they sure are rude right? 

On that you would be very wrong…

The way it works is that you can question a witness but you only have a short amount of time to do so.

There is a limit, so when a witness, (allegedly a lying individual who is seeking to obscure the truth by denying it)

What they want to do is to take up as much time (NOT) answering a question as possible so that in the end they get more done than the Senators does…

That is the way they try to manage it, Deny Delay Defend.

Imagine what would happen if a Senator allowed this to go on, would we get anything done and would there be any justice at all?