Net Neutrality?

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So, what is Net Neutrality?

That might be up for debate because what you hear from one side is totally different from the other side.

On one side you hear that large corporations are planning on using the internet as a way to make even more money from the “already” high fees that they have been charging, along with poor service…

On the other side they say that the FCC is going to stifle the growth of the internet by classifying it as a utility.

Both situations sound bad.

We  have equally bad people that want to take control over the internet.

We need fairness…

We need some rules and we need protection from those that would harm the internet and from those that practice deception in order to take money from hard working people in the name of getting rich.

We need a way to stop people from keeping freedom of speech from being the normal online.

WE do not need the FCC making thousands of rules and regulations.