Net Neutrality?

So, what is Net Neutrality?

That might be up for debate because what you hear from one side is totally different from the other side.

On one side you hear that large corporations are planning on using the internet as a way to make even more money from the “already” high fees that they have been charging, along with poor service…

On the other side they say that the FCC is going to stifle the growth of the internet by classifying it as a utility.

Both situations sound bad.

We  have equally bad people that want to take control over the internet.

We need fairness…

We need some rules and we need protection from those that would harm the internet and from those that practice deception in order to take money from hard working people in the name of getting rich.

We need a way to stop people from keeping freedom of speech from being the normal online.

WE do not need the FCC making thousands of rules and regulations.



Net Neutrality?

Does anyone really understand what net neutrality is anymore?

Probably not for most people.

Its really simple, but the media and those that want to control the internet secretly, have decided to make it so confusing that most people do not understand what it is.


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Net Neutrality

Does anyone really understand how bad this deal is for the entire world.  This is where the future of competition is headed, remember the futuristic movie where there was only one restaurant, Taco Bell.

It is interesting that in this situation public opinion is 100 percent against this yet the FCC is going to proceed?

That defies all logic, yet they are attempting to do what ever they want to do no matter what…

The only way to send a real message to these bullies of the internet, is to just vote the people who continue to support this action out of office.

IT really is just that simple, vote them out.


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Well apparently the idea of unequal protection, is not a problem in Washington as the FTC mulls the idea of creating guides that only would allegedly be enforced on the internet creating an unequal burden on advertisers who advertise online as opposed to broadcast advertising.

This would create a chilling effect on the NASDAQ and the internet for many small business owners who have just now begun to advertise online.

Stop playing politics with the lives of Americans.

Stop playing politics with small business.

Stop playing politics with policies that are not equally protective of
all consumers.

Un Equal protection, under the law is that the way that Washington prefers to do things these days?

You just have to scratch your head and wonder about all the strange goings on in the minds of those odd people.

Source Cnet

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday detailed plans for its so-called “third way” to reclassify broadband service as a telecommunications service, which would help the agency reassert its authority for regulating the Internet, after it lost an important legal battle last month.

The purpose of the statement is to put the agency on stronger legal footing after a federal appeals court ruled last year

that the FCC had no legal authority to punish Comcast for slowing down BitTorrent traffic on its network. The FCC officially censured Comcast for violating its Net neutrality principles.

The court decision has called into question the FCC’s authority for any regulation of the Internet, especially new regulation the agency is forming to deal with Net neutrality–the broad question of whether rules are needed to prevent lopsided treatment for certain Web sites or types of Internet traffic. The chairman’s statement, which asks for input from the public and the industry in determining how traffic should be reclassified, is a step toward making the FCC’s legal status in regulating broadband services more certain.


There are a lot of other things that could be much more important than trying to take control over the internet one has to question the intent of that issue.

So what is going on with this new attempt to apply a different set of rules for online advertisers than they do for off line advertisers?