Media corruption

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The Media are once again gearing up for the 2014 election cycle with all kinds of news stories designed to create an illusion that is in reality a lie.

They engage in lies over a period of time very often they have no real facts to present but that does not stop them from reporting a news story that fits in with the lies they tell.

No one likes a liar not the police or anyone else. Liars are on the lowest scale of humanity yet our media are infested with liars. Facts speak louder than the lies told by the media and the reason that the media today are so ignorant of the truth is that they are blinded by their ideology.

They want to spread their version of what they feel is news and the simple truth is people are no longer blinded by the bobble heads on the news. Back years ago Television was a respected medium, people from all walks of life would tune into the evening news at five.

Things have changed, people no longer eat in front of the evening news.

They do a lot of different things with their time but watching broadcast news is not one of those things.

People can get a digest of the news in an email, they can pick and choose what they are interested in which is why so many people are turned off by what in the past was the only news source.

You could feel sorry for them because they no longer have a valid audience and they depend on the support of organizations that do not identify with the rest of the planet.

The truth is more people get news that matters from the internet because they have more confidence in the news they read on a website that is not supported by a political or an organization with an agenda.

That is why you are reading this content right now.

You can make up your own mind and discover what other people think in a way that you enjoy and you will not have to watch or hear commercials about things that you are not interested in.

This is what the new modern age of internet technology is doing for the people.

Special interests cannot attempt to push their agenda on you without your consent.

This year you can make up your own mind about who is running based on facts and not emotional regurgitated and out of context media tripe.

Welcome to the internet where your mind is respected and your opinion is your own and not what someone else wants you to believe.