Karl Rove

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So what is up with Karl Rove, and why is he not supporting O’donnel?

I hope Rove has some better reason than just what goes around, because it sure does not look like much of a reason so far.

When the people of a state elect a candidate and this lady is deserving of your support we have to ask just what Mr. Rove has against this candidate.

It just seems strange, when you have divisions, will the democrats win because the republicans cannot get their act together?

So we have RINO problems, every where you look.

Republicans in name only

So what is up with Castle, and why is he acting like the fox and the sour grapes? (allegedly)

We have to ask because of the recent comments that the republican party will not support O’donnell in the upcoming election, will this back fire on the repubs, because this is really not ethical, (allegedly)

Will the democrats win because the repubs cannot support a candidate that the people of DE have elected?

Why will the republicans, risk making the independents mad?

What could be worth that risk, could it be that they are not true patriot?

You decide.

You know what the republican’s had better figure out where the support comes from and that is we the people.