Republician or Democrat or perhaps

Something new…

When you think about how crazy things are getting lately you sort of thing you know what the democrats are just ignoring everyone or outright lying about everything.

The Republicans are the same way, its a corrupt mess.

The independents, just another variant of the same worm that lives deep in the heart of Washington.

So what do we do, because its obvious that the fools in Washington do not care what the people have to say.

Sure they have hearings, that never produce fruit, they say they are all for that, what ever that is.

They say things but they don’t mean things.

Since when has Harry Reid done anything to develop a decant measure on anything at all?

Think about that, what do we do when they will not listen.

You can send a message, you can even call, you can fax, you can send emails, you can join a group that may be able to influence this or that outcome but when it really comes down to it what do you think will happen if we dont vote these old people out of washington.

People like Nancy Pelosi, who has become obscenely wealthy,  on the backs of the American People many of whom have no health care.



50 years of lies?

Do you believe the truth, then you know that no matter what the media say that the first COLA cut, occurred while Democrats were in power, back in 2009 then again in 2010, now for a third time in a row, for the first time allegedly since the inception of the program Senior Citizens face a third cut in benefits, and guess what it was not the republicans, it was not the independents.

It was the Democrats that cut senior citizens, if you think this does not effect you when was the last time you checked in on your grand parents, (how well are they eating?)

How long with the democrats lie to you?

Will we continue in the old ways, lost to the truth?

Will we find the truth is a lie…

Caution you may have been lied to for years by liberal democrats.

Are you sick and tired of Liars?

Are you tired of all the perversion and injustice of liberals?

For the past 50 years the American people have allegedly been lied to by the democrats, the favorite battle cry of the democrat is that the republicans are going to cut social security checks, and that they are going to cut out all medical care, allegedly republicans are at the bottom of all the problems that everyone in America has ever had from the days of the constitution to present.

They even blamed a republican for a hurricane that hit the Gulf States.

The thing is that this is a lie.

The fact is that for the first time since the 70s two years in a row social security has been cut, and you know who was in charge of it?


You know what they said was the reason why they cut the old peoples checks?

They said there was no inflation so there was no need for a cost of living increase.

You know I sure hope that there really are no people out there that believe that trash because they are counting on you to vote them back into office, are you one of those people who are true believers?

Do you believe the 50 year old lies?

They think that you are dumb, they think that you are not smart enough to figure out that they really do not care about you at all, they think that they are going to put you on a bus and you will vote the way they tell you to vote.

Are you that dumb?

Sure hope not, this year make a difference, this year vote those democrats out of office and vote out any republican that supports a raise in the debt ceiling while cutting the checks of senior citizens.



vote them out

Time to vote them out if they will not listen to the people they need to go and that goes for the republicans and the democrats as well as the independents, I can tell you that Americans are sick of the insanity on Capitol hill.

The amount of money that is wasted just in government buildings is just nothing short of amazing.

In a day and age where people are suffering and people are making sacrifices, we have this madness.


Karl Rove

So what is up with Karl Rove, and why is he not supporting O’donnel?

I hope Rove has some better reason than just what goes around, because it sure does not look like much of a reason so far.

When the people of a state elect a candidate and this lady is deserving of your support we have to ask just what Mr. Rove has against this candidate.

It just seems strange, when you have divisions, will the democrats win because the republicans cannot get their act together?

So we have RINO problems, every where you look.

Republicans in name only

So what is up with Castle, and why is he acting like the fox and the sour grapes? (allegedly)

We have to ask because of the recent comments that the republican party will not support O’donnell in the upcoming election, will this back fire on the repubs, because this is really not ethical, (allegedly)

Will the democrats win because the repubs cannot support a candidate that the people of DE have elected?

Why will the republicans, risk making the independents mad?

What could be worth that risk, could it be that they are not true patriot?

You decide.

You know what the republican’s had better figure out where the support comes from and that is we the people.


blumenthal the truth behind the lies

Jokes politics and immaturity…

One thing on this story is disturbing, well OK perhaps more than one thing, it is disturbing that there may be people serving in our state government that are not only immature, but have problems with the truth, ok, yes, ok, so what is new about that, well for one thing, the person that represents the legal duties of all the people in an entire state, had better be well acquainted with the truth.

In order for that person to be qualified to do their duty to the state and the people of that state do they not need to have common sense, and if there is a problem, an alleged mental problem, then they need treatment for that problem.

If this happened to any one of us, we would be

1. Fired from our jobs, lying about service in theater is a bad thing, but lying to the American people?

You know one thing that democrats, republicans, and independents, have in common, they do not like liars.

One person said everyone deserves a second chance, but you know it is not really about second chances, here, the real issue is can the guy be trusted?

With all the political jokes about how you know when a dishonest politician, is lying?

His lips are moving…

Sorry, but you know what this guy is the worst candidate in the history of the senate.

But dont get me wrong I feel sorry for the guy, but I just cant see putting another dishonest politician in washington, we just do not need this kind of man in washington, that is why incumbents are being voted out of office, look for single digit poll numbers for this guy if he does not apologize NOW…

That is perhaps the worst thing, here the guy defends his dishonesty as a choice of words issue, you know if this guy was a republican the liberals would be running their mouths non stop.

about how the man must resign and apologize…