making a difference while it still counts

We can all say that we have seen some really crazy stuff going on in politics these days, but this story is really making a lot of people mad.

source. One of Barack Obama’s liberal supporters, Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez, made news this week when he tried to act like a tough guy and challenged conservative Republican, Michael Sullivan to “man up.” The Senate race in which Gomez and Sullivan are competing is of critical importance.


Who can win in 2012

The list is beginning to grow and there are a lot of names on that list,
many are expected to think about running, but in reality can they win?

If some of those that cannot win would take half the money they would spend on running
a race they know they cannot win and help those that have a better chance of winning.

There would be a good opportunity of electing the kind of quality leader that this country
needs in order to grow again as a nation.

Mitt Romney – NO

A Good candidate, but sadly not really able to supply the experience, might be a good VP candidate.

Sarah Palin, Possible
Possible, but again she would need a very strong running mate.

Mitch Daniels – Possible
Good strong character, has potential

Michele Bachmann – Possible
While she is a strong personality her position is not known, perhaps as a VP running mate

Mike Huckabee – No
Nice and likable fellow and has the experience but not the over all demeanor and lacks some vital ability that cannot be defined.
Sadly he cannot win.

Newt Gingrich – NO
Supported, a liberal republican, RINO, no we have not forgotten, The guy is just too far to the left to qualify for the back bone that is needed to do this job and we cannot afford to make mistakes this late in the game.

Rand Paul – NO
Not a chance, the media would love to try to create the impression that he could win but he does not have the experience and he cannot take it nationally either.

Ron Paul – NO
Not even a glimmer, no chance at all not even worth discussion, (which means the liberal media will try to make it seem like he is the “one”

Donald Trump – Possible
The Donald it is possible that there could be some small chance but more likely that he will make a wrong step.

Haley Barbour – NO
Has the experience and is a good regional politician but does not have the stuff to take it nationally.


election 2012 vote them out

The people in Washington think that people will forget, that we will just allow them to do what ever they want, that they have no fear of us, but they are wrong, this government is by the people for the people, congress has forgotten that, and this past election cycle was a reminder, however, apparently the liberals have not heard the message.

Why we will vote them out if they do not follow the will of the people.

This just in, folks just like this past election cycle.

The 2010 elections saw conservatives make a lot of progress as conservatives and tea party-backed candidates won hundreds of races.  There were a lot of great victories – but we also saw that much work still needed to be done.

Some races where we badly wanted to win, and knock off entrenched and corrupted liberal politicians, ended up being losses for us because the big-money, liberal establishment simply overpowered and overwhelmed us.

Harry Reid spent $25 MILLION smearing his conservative  challenger.  Liberal RINO Lisa Murkowski spent millions more smearing her tea party challenger, Joe Miller.

So now as we look forward to 2012, and the goal of firing Barack Obama – and ending this slide towards socialism he is pushing, we know we have to put together a huge army of supporters to overpower his political machine that he has spent years building.

And that is why the Our Country Deserves Better Committee (the people who brought you the Tea Party Express effort) have launched a campaign to get 1 MILLION people on board to “Defeat Barack Obama.”

The first step is easy – we need you to sign up, and forward this campaign to every friend you have who will join us in the fight to “Defeat Barack Obama.”  We know we can reach 1 MILLION people if every person such as yourself does your part.

Again, the first step is easy – just sign up.  If you receive a solicitation at the petition site asking for a donation, know that none is required.  This petition drive to reach 1 MILLION people is absolutely free, and if they are asking for a donation it is to support their petition website, but you are under no obligation to give any money to sign up.


Next step:  Forward this email to 3 of your conservative friends, please and share via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) by clicking the button below:

Lisa Murkowski republician pretenders RINO rino gop

is Lisa Murkowski a RINO

Come November We will Remember…

So they think that were to stupid to remember, too stupid to realize that we have been lied to, too stupid to vote them out of office.

Time to send this liberal a message NO MEANS NO…

Remember this when its time to vote because these are the people that want to tell you how to live, in your bedrooms, how to live in your own homes, they want to control you in every way, they want to make you into a slave.

With your help we can defeat the pretenders in Washington, they pretend to care they pretend, to represent Americans, but what they really are is alleged, liars.

You know it is sad when these alleged sick individuals put themselves above the people, they are pretenders, yes they are alleged liars, perhaps even evil doers, who knows for sure
but one thing we do know, after years and years and years, of nothing.

It is time to go home, let the younger generation have their turn because if you cannot make a difference in all the years that you have been in Washington, then you need to step aside.  Step away and retire, after all have you not done all you can?

People who say one thing but do another, Liars.

WE are sick of the lies and it is time to write out this pretender RINO, donate to send a message to the sick and alleged, depraved, individuals who will not accept that their time is over and done with, they voted against the American peoples wishes and they did not care now its time to send them home.

The famed liberal RINO, defeated Sen. Lisa Murkowski, continued her attack on you, the supporters of the Tea Party Express.

Murkowski had allegedly twice previously called the Tea Party Express “racist.”

Friday, Murkowski allegedly and repeatedly told both the news media and supporters at the launch of her “Write In” campaign that the Tea Party Express was an “extremist” group.

She also repeatedly and allegedly called us “outsiders” and said we had hijacked the Republican Party.

I have to ask what she thinks she is doing, besides wasting her money and the money of those liberals in the office.

We’ve always marveled at how Murkowski allegedly refers to fellow Americans as “outsiders” – especially since we have thousands of Tea Party Express members in the state of Alaska.

Their voices don’t count in Lisa Murkowski’s world.

We’re used to the attacks by the establishment that the tea party movement is “racist” and “extremists” – it’s shameful and dishonest, but we’re used to it.  The one area we could at least find agreement with Lisa Murkowski with is that we are going to “hijack the Republican Party.”

That’s right Lisa Murkowski – it is indeed our plan to hijack this party from corrupt, failed, establishment liberals like you and your buddy Mike Castle in Delaware.  It was liberal politicians like you and Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe who defied the Republican Party platform and the beliefs and principles of Republican voters, to try and turn the Republican Party into a mirror image of the tax-spend-bailout Democrat Party.

Well, your time in power is up.  And apparently in your specific case we’re going to have to defeat you not just once but twice – as you didn’t get the message “YOU’RE FIRED” very clearly the first time.

To our supporters we ask that you please make the most generous contribution you can to our campaign supporting Joe Miller so we can defeat Lisa Murkowski yet again.  You can make a contribution online – HERE.
You can give as little as $5 and as much as $5,000 under FEC laws and regulations.


No means No, why cant they understand?

Just got this email, these alleged, jerks and jerkettes, in Washington really have it all mixed up.

We sent out an email this morning to our supporters highlighting a new TV ad that Lisa Murkowski released. The ad attacks YOU, our supporters and members of the Tea Party Express.

In the TV ad her campaign calls your donations to the tea party movement “a dirty money bomb.” This follows her attacks against all of us last week as an “extremist” group. And of course she launched re-election campaign calling those of us in the tea party movement “racist.”

It’s time to fight back – the stakes are high and liberal RINO Lisa Murkowski must be defeated.

Here’s the problem: When we put our plea for help this morning only 98 people responded – contributing just $5,650. We must do much, much better, folks.

Please – help us send a very strong message to Lisa Murkowski as we defeat her handily once more. Contribute to our campaign against Lisa Murkowski and for Joe Miller – CONTRIBUTE HERE

We need at least 350 people to make a contribution of $100 or more so we can put an end to Lisa Murkowski’s career once and for all. And if you can afford a contribution of $250, $500, $1,000 or more – up to $5,000 – it will be very helpful.

You can give as little as $5 and as much as $5,000 under FEC laws and regulations.

liberal republicians RINO rino gop sarah palin 2012

Republicians make mistake

Looks like the republicans are allegedly stupid as the dems are

Could the Repubs be in trouble at this late hour, after almost an assured victory in November they seem to allegedly be making all the wrong mistakes playing into the hands of the democrats.

This is just crazy, you know what If the republicans cannot get it together we can vote them out, and vote in candidates that can get the job done and in case you RINO republicans have forgotten what that job is.

It is representing the American people.

The political elitists continue to defy “We The People.”

Defeated Liberal RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski has announced she will defy the will of Alaska’s voters and launch a write-in bid to split the vote and deny Joe Miller a victory in November’s General Election against the Democrat candidate.

These establishment politicians are once again demonstrating the utmost hubris and contempt towards the people they are supposed to serve.

But fear not, fellow patriots, because we here at the Tea Party Express will not stand for this.  We have announced that we will fully back Conservative Republican Joe Miller and remind voters of Lisa Murkowski’s failed record, and ensure her plans to split the vote fail.

Once again, we will need your help to make this effort a success.

So, please, make a donation to our campaign for Joe Miller – HERE.

karl rove

Rove a Liberal?

Is Karl Rove a secret Closet Liberal?

We watched Fox news tonight and Karl Rove came on defending his ill advised stance on O’donnell, now Karl you were wrong and you should be man enough to admit it, because I have to tell you that O’donnell is One of Us.

You know what I would rather see a real American up there someone who knows what it is like to get behind on a bill someone who knows what it is like to be bankrupt.

Than someone like Karl Rove, who apparently would rather see a liberal RINO instead of someone that is real, when was the last time ol Karl, put one gallon of Gas in his own vehicle?

So why all the bashing?

Why is Karl Against her?

What has he got against her?

Has Karl lost all respect, I know unless he apologizes, I am no longer interested in hearing from him and will just turn the channel anytime I see him from now on because this has now become a personal issue.

He was wrong and he is not willing to admit that he was wrong on this race, sad but true, dude get over it.

When your wrong your wrong, if you cant be wrong you are not mature, dont be immature.


Karl Rove

So what is up with Karl Rove, and why is he not supporting O’donnel?

I hope Rove has some better reason than just what goes around, because it sure does not look like much of a reason so far.

When the people of a state elect a candidate and this lady is deserving of your support we have to ask just what Mr. Rove has against this candidate.

It just seems strange, when you have divisions, will the democrats win because the republicans cannot get their act together?

So we have RINO problems, every where you look.

Republicans in name only

So what is up with Castle, and why is he acting like the fox and the sour grapes? (allegedly)

We have to ask because of the recent comments that the republican party will not support O’donnell in the upcoming election, will this back fire on the repubs, because this is really not ethical, (allegedly)

Will the democrats win because the repubs cannot support a candidate that the people of DE have elected?

Why will the republicans, risk making the independents mad?

What could be worth that risk, could it be that they are not true patriot?

You decide.

You know what the republican’s had better figure out where the support comes from and that is we the people.

liberal republicians republician pretenders vote out liberals


In recent news, we find that the GOP, is backing a man who is alleged to be a liberal in sheep’s clothing.

We have to ask why is this?


Republican In Name Only

If you are sick and tired of these so called RINO, Politicians who allegedly Lie through their teeth every change they get then vote against the base of the party, then it is time to vote those stinking, (allegedly) cowards out of office.

You know it is time to vote these pretenders out of office they shamefully engage in lies and deceit and they think it is OK.


This Should not Be, Send the GOP a message.

I have to just say that the GOP is just not my Party any Longer, because this is not right, so if you can help us send a message to the GOP and let them know that we will not put up with this kind of garbage.

We saw this in the Alaska, Race, where the GOP was preparing to Steal the Election, and the candidate did the right thing and conceded.  The Gop allegedly were preparing to do the chad thing and count and recount until they won.

That my friends is not acceptable, if the GOP does not start doing the right thing here, independents, will soon out number Republicans.

We will not put up with cowards in office.

Friends – today I celebrate my 37th birthday, and as I do so, myself and the team at the Tea Party Express face one of our greatest challenges to date.  The political establishment are battling us tooth-and-nail to defeat our conservative constitutionalists candidate for U.S. Senate (Christine O’Donnell) and are trying to ram through their candidate – liberal RINO Mike Castle.

These folks in the GOP establishment want MORE Lindsay Grahams, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe’s, John McCain’s etc…

These people in the establishment are the same ones who supported Arlen Specter when he was a Senator in Pennsylvania.

The media and the political establishment do not understand there is a political revolution taking place in this country.

We The People, are rising up to elect true constitutional conservatives, and not people who will “play the game” of big government, special interest politics that lead to tax-spend-bailout policies.

So here’s what I’m asking for as my birthday present for today – please join with me and help us support Christine O’Donnell’s campaign.  My own present to myself is that I am now making a personal contribution to Christine’s campaign.

I’m asking you to please join me.

We have just increased our MoneyBomb goal for O’Donnell to $250,000 and you can help us blow past that goal by making a contribution – HERE.