Who can win in 2012

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The list is beginning to grow and there are a lot of names on that list,
many are expected to think about running, but in reality can they win?

If some of those that cannot win would take half the money they would spend on running
a race they know they cannot win and help those that have a better chance of winning.

There would be a good opportunity of electing the kind of quality leader that this country
needs in order to grow again as a nation.

Mitt Romney – NO

A Good candidate, but sadly not really able to supply the experience, might be a good VP candidate.

Sarah Palin, Possible
Possible, but again she would need a very strong running mate.

Mitch Daniels – Possible
Good strong character, has potential

Michele Bachmann – Possible
While she is a strong personality her position is not known, perhaps as a VP running mate

Mike Huckabee – No
Nice and likable fellow and has the experience but not the over all demeanor and lacks some vital ability that cannot be defined.
Sadly he cannot win.

Newt Gingrich – NO
Supported, a liberal republican, RINO, no we have not forgotten, The guy is just too far to the left to qualify for the back bone that is needed to do this job and we cannot afford to make mistakes this late in the game.

Rand Paul – NO
Not a chance, the media would love to try to create the impression that he could win but he does not have the experience and he cannot take it nationally either.

Ron Paul – NO
Not even a glimmer, no chance at all not even worth discussion, (which means the liberal media will try to make it seem like he is the “one”

Donald Trump – Possible
The Donald it is possible that there could be some small chance but more likely that he will make a wrong step.

Haley Barbour – NO
Has the experience and is a good regional politician but does not have the stuff to take it nationally.