Rove a Liberal?

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Is Karl Rove a secret Closet Liberal?

We watched Fox news tonight and Karl Rove came on defending his ill advised stance on O’donnell, now Karl you were wrong and you should be man enough to admit it, because I have to tell you that O’donnell is One of Us.

You know what I would rather see a real American up there someone who knows what it is like to get behind on a bill someone who knows what it is like to be bankrupt.

Than someone like Karl Rove, who apparently would rather see a liberal RINO instead of someone that is real, when was the last time ol Karl, put one gallon of Gas in his own vehicle?

So why all the bashing?

Why is Karl Against her?

What has he got against her?

Has Karl lost all respect, I know unless he apologizes, I am no longer interested in hearing from him and will just turn the channel anytime I see him from now on because this has now become a personal issue.

He was wrong and he is not willing to admit that he was wrong on this race, sad but true, dude get over it.

When your wrong your wrong, if you cant be wrong you are not mature, dont be immature.