making a difference while it still counts

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We can all say that we have seen some really crazy stuff going on in politics these days, but this story is really making a lot of people mad.

source. One of Barack Obama’s liberal supporters, Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez, made news this week when he tried to act like a tough guy and challenged conservative Republican, Michael Sullivan to “man up.” The Senate race in which Gomez and Sullivan are competing is of critical importance.

If we can elect conservative Republican Michael Sullivan we will be on our way to taking back the Senate from Democrat control under Harry Reid. Here is an excerpt from one press report where liberal Republican Gabriel Gomez called on Michael Sullivan to “man up” and disavow our support for Sullivan. Why is Gabriel Gomez so upset? Because we have called out Gomez for endorsing Barack Obama, contributing to his campaign and promising to advance Obama’s agenda on amnesty and gun control. Gabriel Gomez is an Obama-supporting liberal and a totally unacceptable choice to be the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate. We think you will agree when you consider the following. First, Gomez’s attacks on our team at the Conservative Campaign Committee:

Make a difference, put the RINO back where they belong in the democratic party.