Increase taxes?

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TAX the rich but not GE?

Why does this not sound like the hope and change you voted for?

Simply because it is not what you voted for…

Well we knew this was coming, but for sure many people thought that we would first see some hope and change first.

News just in, Tax increases are on the table with the Liberal Media pushing it and the cost of Gas up and up you just dont know who to trust anymore.

Everyone seems to have a dog in the hunt except for the American People, Why is that?

I would be for a Tax increase if it were a flat Tax increase, feel me on that?

Across the board, Tax increases for everyone.

Because so far, this Tax the Rich but not GE or other Big corporations that allegedly contribute to political campaigns, seems to me that someone has not got enough common decency and sense for that matter to figure it all out.

We can figure it out, no problem there, flat Tax increase across the board, tax the rich tax the poor, Tax everyone that way no one feels left out.

But when you have large Multi Billion Dollar corporations that do not pay any Taxes?

GE, allegedly paid no taxes at all, now come one Washington, if you really, expect to get re-elected in 2012 you are going to have to do a lot better than that, because people are just not as stupid as you think they are.

See the people do not mind helping out but they want to know that everyone is helping out too.
Think about that for a moment.

So, what think you, Tax the rich but not GE?

Tax the rich but not Unions?

Tax the rich but not special interests?

Will that really work?

Do you really think that will work?

If you do this this is the hope you wanted and looks like your going to get all of it you want, because this plan is not going to work.

Sadly when Good men remain silent for fear they may be taxed or hurt by force, then eventually evil will take over where once good was.