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  • brainwashing media

    According to the media Donald Trump is finished he has finally done the one thing that no one will ever want to vote for him… Oh, yes after saying the exact same thing over and over again for more than a year the media are ready to get started… They are ready to say now […]

  • What About Bush?

    Over the last few weeks the 2016 presidential race has been heating up… You know that the Media are getting ready for BUSH… They hates him….    LOL… Its really comical right? A little… The thing is why Is the Media Picking a side? Think about that for a moment… Why are they so intent […]

  • The Great Ohio Lie…

    If you have been watching TV, The Liberal Media, have been allegedly Lying to you over and over again. Even the So called Fair and Balanced Media have also Been engaging in this LIE… Source, CDBO We have some good news and bad news to share with you about the presidential campaign.  But to do […]

  • Election insanity

    Watching the election coverage is almost like watching a child’s movie about dinosaurs. Developing the best strategy for political elections takes a lot of time and effort however it appears that there is little news that appears to be real these days you see a lot of news stories that are less than honest in […]

  • Romney, Bachmann, Gingrich, Ron Paul

    Can any of these candidates actually win? if the liberal media thinks they can win look for a lot of negative press on them… If the liberal media thinks they will loose look for positive press on that candidate. If you trust the media then the answer is no one can win except for Obama? […]

  • mitt romney cannot win

    You have to wonder, if the liberal media wants Mitt Romney to get the nomination so that Obama can get re-elected, because for the most part, polls show that bugs bunny or even Elmer FUD could win the 2012 election, but Mitt Romney no way… Is it true that, Mitt Romney cannot win, and likely […]

  • media bias again?

    Can anyone beat the liberal media, and will Americans pay the price for evil men who have no conscious? Be very aware, we could be facing the second great depression very soon… This content was received in an email, (this contents are published here may not be the opinion of the owners of this website […]

  • economic diaster

    We could be about to face some serious problems, because we have no leadership and the liberal press, is not even reporting the real news, it is amazing to see these people in action, they really believe in what they think is the right thing to do here, sadly they are mistaken, miss informed and […]

  • debt crisis lies?

    Is there really not a debt crisis? The truth may be stranger than fiction in this case we have Trillions of spending, that everyone fully 94 percent of the American public allegedly agree cannot be sustained for even a moment longer.  Everyone with any kind of common sense at all knows that we cannot continue […]

  • blame the republicians?

    Well guess what the media is blaming the republicans, for the debt deal issue, and you know what they will be blamed no matter what happens, if they vote for a bill they will be blamed, if they vote against a bill they will get blamed, because the media has not been reporting the actual […]