health insurance corruption

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For many years the insurance industry has and will remain in a state of constant corruption.

The normal situation in this industry for many many years, each state has an insurance commission however most of the time there is little oversight unless a criminal case comes up before a judge most of the time the consumer looses.

The reason we know this is true is that many on our staff have at times worked in this industry and I can tell you with complete certainty that insurance is not designed to provide for the buyer.

What this means is that when you read the fine print in most of the insurance policies, they do not pay off.

There is an exclusion for everything and if you happen to get the wrong adjuster or the wrong agent, you might end up paying into an insurance policy for years and end up with nothing.

Take for instance an average health insurance policy, they exclude everything they can and some thing they cannot.

They make every excuse for why they will not cover a particular procedure if its expensive.

They are corrupt because they want to collect the premium but they do not want to pay out.

They do not want to provide a product they just want to collect the premiums.

This is the way it has been for years and it has not changed.

The Affordable Care Act does nothing to stop crooked insurance companies from bilking honest Americans out of their money while providing nothing in return.

 So now that you are being forced to buy insurance often from corrupt insurance companies and everything will be great up and until you actually need to use that policy then you will find out just how bad this thing really has  become.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.