Harry Reid should retire… ?

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Should Harry Reid continue to push this my way or the highway option?

We need a plan that can work, half this nation is for fixing the problems with Obama Care, and less are for going all in.

That means that about 76 percent are for fixing the problems, yet Harry Reid feels like he is entitled to NOT do his job?

When was the last budget passed?

Oh that’s right there has not been a budget because then you would actually have to stop spending more money than you make.

We need to find a way forward and it is obvious that Harry Reid does not care for what happens to the People.

Why should he?

He like most all of the senators, are wealthy beyond the dreams of most of the people that live in the USA will ever achieve, they have access to things that we will never even experience at all.

They have meals that we will never get to even try.

Why should they care about what happens to the rest of the US when they do not even have to pay for Gas to get to work.

They do not have to pay for health care.

They do not have to pay for food.

They do not have to pay for anything because they have become fat on the blood of the American People.

There is a truth that the leader of the Sinate will never understand the only way to fix that problem is to vote people out of office that will not listen to the people.

Vote those jerks out of office that do not and can not understand the people.

Vote because you may not get another chance to do that.