Gun Laws we have plenty of them now…

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  Yes, you heard right we have plenty of Gun Laws…

 The problem is that they are not being enforced. That may sound bad, but it is the truth, none of the proposed Gun Laws, being considered in the Senate this week would have prevented any of the terrible tragedies, yet we have the media that parade these poor families in front of the America people so that everyone will support a law that is illegal and foolish, these grieving mothers and fathers, only want one thing their children back at home, it is a horrible tragedy that could have been prevented.

One bullet in one Gun held in the hands of a trained Security Guard, could have stopped this tragedy…

No children had to die, no adults had to die, all that was needed was a good man with one bullet in that one gun and none of this would have ever happened.

I want you to think about that for a moment, because this is something that you will not see in the media.

A news story that does not get the interest of the fools and evil tyrants in the media.

 If the school had been protected by Armed Guards, none of this would have ever happened, why are court houses deemed worthy of protection and our children are not?

These parents are grieving.

 So they are emotionally open to suggestion, it is a shame that we have a few people in the democratic party that is willing to do anything to usurp the constitution. 

Instead they think that they are the only ones that should have protection at home. They think that they deserve to have armed guards, but you Oh, no you are not special enough.

That sounds ignorant but you know what else. Its the truth. Here are just a few of the outrageous and insulting tactics used by the left as they attempt to disarm us by attacking our ‘right to bear arms’.

Warning this was sent to us by email we are not the original publishers, the opinions contained inside are the writers alone. President Obama released a picture of himself skeet shooting as if to demonstrate that he has nothing against guns.

The problem, Mr. President, is that the Second Amendment does not guarantee us the ‘right’ to shoot skeet. Those who dare to stand firmly for our Second Amendment rights have been insulted by people like Piers Morgan. Even though he is a foreigner with no respect for our Constitution, he asked again and again ‘why do we need certain types of guns’.

The left has told women that they do not need a gun to protect themselves from attack. If they find themselves the victim of an attack, according to the left, all they have to do is urinate on themselves to ward off their attacker. A child was suspended for chewing his Pop Tart into a shape that was deemed to look like a gun.

New York State has begun the confiscation of guns. Leftist darling Bill Maher even recently said that the Second Amendment was bullsh**. Crazy. Indeed it is. I could go on and on. The point that I do want to finish with, though, is this one. On Saturday, after flying parents of children killed at Sandy Hook to D.C. on Air Force One and getting them appointments to lean on members of Congress in this attack on gun rights, President Obama did what he does best.

He preyed on the emotions of people by having a distraught mother of one of the children killed at Sandy Hook give his weekly address to the nation. Propaganda doesn’t even begin to describe that tactic. What kind of a sick person uses a grieving parent to push their anti-Constitutional agenda trying simultaneously to convince us that it’s for our own good? I’ll tell you what kind. That tactic would be used by someone addicted to power who is also hell-bent on destroying this nation by dismantling and attacking the Constitution upon which it was built.