Gross neglience or Politically correct games?

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What caused the loss of American lives in time when security is not to be dismissed someone played games with the lives of Americans.

If true this is a horrible situation one that must be exposed and an explanation provided as to why the American people were lied to.

  Is This a Lie?

What does this mean for Washington Politicians and why have we not been able to get an answer to the truth.

WE have so many issues that demand competent security this is a horrible situation when will we find the guts
to do what needs to be done and why does this happen at all?


Why do we have this situation at all?  The questions have been raised that Lies have been told.

This must not be allowed to stand without finding out why lies were told instead of the truth…

If you feel that we need real hope and change as well as real leadership in Washington there is only

one choice to make in November…