Gov Shutdown? The Truth?

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Perhaps you have noticed that the Media are all up in your face about how the Shutdown, is going to create horrible problems for everyone.

But are they telling the truth or are they just Lying as usual?

That is the thing that a lot of people want to know, Why is the media not telling the truth?

If you wonder what the Media are not telling you right now, then wonder no more.

Here is the simple truth that the media are not telling you.

The House is to create a spending bill, that is the law.

All spending bills shall originate in the House.

That is not just a suggestion that is the law.

Yet, the senate keeps insisting that they be allowed to DICTATE to the House what spending bills should be, but that is not the job of the Senate.

The job of the Senate is to submit a bill from the house to be voted on.

So far Harry Reid has not done his job…

It is time that Harry Reid retires, we need people in office that are honest and able phsycially and mentally to do that job, you can often watch as Mr. Reid reads from papers that have been put in front of him and at times he even admits that he is just reading what they put down.

That is a problem because it is an indication that the man is not doing his job and that he may not be medically fit to do the job for which he is being paid.

We want to know why the Media are not reporting this because they are so happy to play the blame game all the while leaving out the inconvenient truth that it is the not the job of the senate to spend money that the US does not have.

This is the truth yet the Media are not telling you that, does that make you wonder about the media and those that choose to advertise on those media stations?

It should because the media have in the past had no problem reporting the news when it fit into their own agendas.

Yet, now we have this situation where the Media are lying.

It is as simple as that, they are withholding the accurate reporting of the news, which means that any advertisement that you see on those news shows, are also participating in the lies that are taking place in the media.

Do you really want to purchase products from those that have no problem with participating and promoting lies?

Makes you think about what is going on and who is supporting these news stations that continue to lie to you day after day.

The truth is sometimes hard, but it is far better a master than lies.