FCC has no authority over the internet.

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What, are you sure, well yes, because the internet is already governed by several organizations and further more, it is likely to be challenged in court, as unconstitutional.

In case your just now hearing this.

The FCC has no authority to govern or to regulate the internet.

The internet is made up of a number of private and some public servers, but it is not something that can be (taken over) this is wrong and it will be challenged in court.

This is a power grab of UN Godly proportions, folks this is not only evil but it is wrong, watch the stock market sink like a lead balloon.

If you have stock in the NASDAQ, you might consider moving it or liquidating it.

What they are attempting to do is nothing short of Fascism.

Watch out next will come death camps and gas ovens, laugh now but later you may not be laughing, this is just how it started in the past.

Taking over and regulating, Cable TV, Satellite TV, and now the Internet.

This past week, the FCC has grabbed more power that they have no constitutional authority to regulate.

Lawsuits must be filed by the largest ISPs right away challenging this or else freedom will be lost in this nation.