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Gun Bans will not help

In so many ways we can learn from this, yet, for the most part since Prayer was taken out of schools we have seen a steady increase in violence, is it a coincidence?

What happened this Saturday was a tragedy but it could have been prevented had they only had a minimal security detail.

That is the real story here one that likely you will not see on the news but you can see it here.

The truth is that Gun Bans would not have prevented this terrible tragedy.

A security detail would have reduced and likely have prevented this from happening.

Gun Bans have not worked anywhere ever, because it is not guns that kill people but people that kill people, even if you could some how take away every gun everywhere, people would pickup rocks and sticks and still you could not stop it.

Insanity is the idea that you can keep doing the same thing over and over again and get a different result, it has been tried already and it has failed, we have the right to keep and bear arms and that is not going to change just because a few liberals want to take advantage of a tragedy like this they should be ashamed of what they are trying to do.

Join the NRA and support the right to keep and bear arms, otherwise only criminals will have guns.

The UK with all their restrictions still can not prevent a lunatic from killing people?

Consider this.

Published: 6/4/10, 12:46 PM EDT
LONDON (AP) – A taxi driver killed 10 victims in a single hour during a shooting rampage in rural England in which he murdered 12 people and wounded 11 others, police said Friday.

Craig Mackey, chief of police for the county of Cumbria, said Derrick Bird murdered his twin brother and a family lawyer “before departing on a 45-mile rampage across west Cumbria.” He shot a fellow cabbie at a taxi stand and then drove through the countryside in his cab, blasting victims seemingly at random. Many were shot in the face.

Police said the 52-year-old, who committed suicide after the attacks, used his knowledge of the area’s narrow country roads to elude police.

“Twelve innocent people – mother, fathers, partners and friends _were brutally murdered as they went about their daily lives,” Mackey said. He said investigations had found that Bird killed 10 of his victims in about 60 minutes on Wednesday.

FCC Politics

FCC has no authority over the internet.

What, are you sure, well yes, because the internet is already governed by several organizations and further more, it is likely to be challenged in court, as unconstitutional.

In case your just now hearing this.

The FCC has no authority to govern or to regulate the internet.

The internet is made up of a number of private and some public servers, but it is not something that can be (taken over) this is wrong and it will be challenged in court.

This is a power grab of UN Godly proportions, folks this is not only evil but it is wrong, watch the stock market sink like a lead balloon.

If you have stock in the NASDAQ, you might consider moving it or liquidating it.

What they are attempting to do is nothing short of Fascism.

Watch out next will come death camps and gas ovens, laugh now but later you may not be laughing, this is just how it started in the past.

Taking over and regulating, Cable TV, Satellite TV, and now the Internet.

This past week, the FCC has grabbed more power that they have no constitutional authority to regulate.

Lawsuits must be filed by the largest ISPs right away challenging this or else freedom will be lost in this nation.