Did the media show it is biased on black panther story?

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Media black out?

If men in white hoods stood out in front of a voting booth, would it be intimidation?

Voter Intimidation, is this what we are as Americans?

Is this the kind of America that people really want in this land?

What kind of country do we live in where, people lie and spin, the truth, into lies and then defend it, knowing that they are not being honest.

It is really disturbing, it is not right, this is not how this country was created, it is not what our fathers fought and died for it is not right.

For some reason, most of the big names in media outlets, have not been covering stories, that involve what many allege is racism and in fact when you look at the video, you cannot help but understand that this is news, yet, we hear nothing from the big names in media, are they so far out of touch with America that they cannot cover a new story any longer.

this is a serious problem and it is not the journalism that we have respected in the past, just think if water gate had not been covered, how different our history would be, it reeks and it stinks, and on top of that, advertisers, should understand that most buyers are not watching these biased news companies.

It is just lame, I am not sorry it is true, you know if Walter Cronkite were alive today he would openly disdain this as biased.