Banning Everything, The People will speak

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There are things in this world that no one can understand, we have history to remind us that sometimes the most horrible things happen, even when those people that lived during those times tried everything to stop people that created horror that most of the modern day motion pictures would consider too evil to put on TV or the Big Silver Screen. 

WE know that it is evident that the human condition is fragile and it is never going to be perfect.

The truth about life is that you cannot control it like you would if you were a scientist in a clean room with microscopes.

It simply is not possible.

We know this as surly as we know that if nothing prevents the sun from coming up it will in fact come up.

We know this, yet the human factor can sometimes be such that we attempt to make a statement that somehow if we just try the same thing over and over again that it will somehow be different this time.

I have watched the Titanic many times, not just the latest version either, but you know what it ends the same every time and there is a certain sadness about that fact.

The truth is that no matter how tragic and no matter how horrible the events that take place in this world can be and trust me on this one, what happened at sandy hook as bad as it was is nothing compared to what has happened in other nations, where mass graves have held hundreds of tiny precious lives along with the families that loved them, yes its all horrible but you know what when these evil things happen its always bad people that have guns and good people that do not have guns.

What is so difficult for these Senators to understand about the facts here?

The poor in other nations have no guns, because the rich have taken away the guns.

They watch as these people who have guns murder children and they can do nothing, why is that?

Because they have no rights.

They have no right to own a gun or to use it, the people that took away the rights of the people are the ones that end up turning guns on the people.

When you see an old woman, wrinkled and looking like a version of the witch on the Wizard of Oz, telling you its ok my pretty, don’t worry this is for your own good, does it not cause the hackles to raise on your skin.

When we allow wicked people to swear an oath to protect and defend the constitution and they fail to do so, it is time that they be removed from office.

If a Woman had in 1950 suggested that only a certain class of people should be protected by the Constitution they would have placed this person in Jail, as the criminal they are.

What you should be very concerned with here is the idea that a Senator can swear to protect and uphold the Constitution and then turn on the people, lie about it, profit from their position while people are starving in America.

This very Senator has made millions and millions of dollars while many people have no car to drive or no job to work.

Rich, living on the backs of the people, does that not make you sick to your stomach?

It should because what this woman represents is nothing less than a betrayal of everything this nation was build on.

You see it just does not stop there, it never does, you may be thinking well we need to have tougher gun laws but you know what we have all the laws that we need, in fact we have so many laws right now that there are hundreds of men and women in prison that have done little or nothing wrong, but not know the laws.

Sure today they say, were not so bad we wont take all your rights away.

What they should say if they were honest is that they seek to start here, but later they will take more of your rights away.

They start here but later its about how much sugar you can eat.

Then later they will begin to tell you that you can only weigh a certain amount and if you are over that weight then you need to pay a fine because its not fair that you are heavy than other people are.

Then still later they will in the end attempt to tell you what is considered ok in the bedroom and what is not ok.

They seek to tell you everything you can and cannot do because they feel that they are better than you are, they think that they have more right to tell you what you can do and what you cannot do than any other human on this planet.

They think they are smarter, they think they are better and deserve more protection, so they will in the end protect their children with guns, but your children will not be so lucky.