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  • Banning Everything, The People will speak

    There are things in this world that no one can understand, we have history to remind us that sometimes the most horrible things happen, even when those people that lived during those times tried everything to stop people that created horror that most of the modern day motion pictures would consider too evil to put […]

  • casey anthony

    The Murder trial of the Century? Or A waste of money of the Tax payers of Florida? Think about it for just one moment, put away the Media that foams at the mouth, forget about the allegedly Overly aggressive, Florida Justice system, or even the Orange county Sheriffs, office, which (allegedly) leaked documents to the […]

  • climate change

    Hot, that is the buzz word over the last few weeks it has been truly hotter for many locations. ┬áIs the movie 2012 as fictional as it is might it be somewhat accurate in the terms of natural disasters that we may some day soon face. Are we about to face the end of days? […]