Why is the Media picking sides?

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Years ago and for some of you it may be only a few years, but back in the past reporting used to be a lot more balanced.

The thing is why is the media attempting to distort the new cycle with unfair coverage often involving lies and even slander?

That would have been UN-thinkable in the days of Walter Cronkite


Of course they were at it back then too but they would never have bent the truth the way they are doing it today, back then if facts led down a street they went down that street.

Now you are more likely to see the lies of a media that has become so corrupt that Walter would not even recognize what they have done to his beloved pulpit.

The platform of the media is a rotten sagging structure that is plainly so broken that soon it will cease to exist.


Already more people trust the Internet for news with a pinch of salt over the shoulder.

We all know that the internet is not always the best place to get news but many people are moving toward the internet because you are less likely to find out right deception unless that is what you want to find.

The main thing to remember is that TV and Newspaper is no longer the way people communicate at all.

Its about being mobile and it is about tablets, the face of media is changing and if you dont like what your watching you can move along and people do move along, the media is about to find itself in a real mess if they do not wake up and understand that they cannot influence human behavior as they did in the past.

Things are changing and if they do not start to report the truth they will find out that there are more places to get news now.