What if people just stopped watching…

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Think about the medias most difficult moment, the one they realize that people really do not necessarily need to even watch the news anymore.

We can get a tweet or we can get an email on our phones.

We don’t really have to watch the garbage commercial promoting some local barn or mall.   Were not really all that into the liberal news anymore, in fact I have not seen or read a local newspaper in years.

Have you?

The video below is an interesting one, to show you just how this video is of interest at the time of this post, there were only 37 views…

So few people were interested in this topic.  It just shows how few people are interested in printed media.

We do not really care much about the printed media because it has become irrelevant, this is also happening with the broadcast media as well.

All the while they sit there scratching their heads wondering “what are we doing wrong?”  They needn’t wonder, its because they are not providing valid reporting.

When you lie to yourself and the community you “pretend” to represent then your nothing and what you say means even less than nothing.

That is why your irrelevant in this modern age of technology because your a liar and everyone knows it.

Strong?  You bet, its time to either start reporting the news are become less than irrelevant.

But if your lying to yourself and your friends and family how can anyone help you?  Its sad but a true fact, liars do not prosper they fail and that is what is wrong with the media and the government.

They have been lying to everyone for so long now they no longer realize that they have become what they feared in the days of their youth.

The media are loosing a lot of money, just because they cannot understand that they are no longer the people that publish what people want to read or see or hear, they are becoming the very thing they hate.