Towing company sues

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Slap, you lost my pants, I will just slap you with a million dollar pants lawsuit, slap…

Sounds ignorant, right, you bet you…

Well imagine, this, you park, you know just for a second, and come out of a store, and your car is gone but it is not stolen, no it has been towed, and perhaps even by a towing company that has a bad record with the BBB, so what do you do…

Join the facebook page and defend this college student, who is being sued for exercising his first amendment rights to free speech.

If you are sick of these lawsuits, like the million dollar pants, or in this case, the 750 thousand dollar face book page, then support this young college student by joining his face book page.

Join the cause against (alleged) companies that try to shut up the people from having the right to free speech, it might start small but it always ends big, first facebook, then later, they will try to come and take your computer, (allegedly)

Will the towing company come and try to sue fox news, next, because they made the news, right,


visit the famous face book page

If you are sick and tired, of your rights being taken away, then it is time to speak up because if you dont do it now, when will you, after its too late…