The Political Destruction of Donald Trump

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This idea that Donald Trump is a problem for our nation is itself a problem to those who seek to attempt to try to cause issues for America.

The problem we all face as Americans is that we have a Media that is out of control.

We have a media that is not the press and thus is an enemy of the people.

We have a media that believes that they are right and the rest of the world all 10 billion are wrong.

If there were aliens on this planet they would also be included.

Let that sink in for a moment.

We are facing a media led by people who are mentally ill.

People that believe that everything anyone else says that does not agree with what they believe is true is the opposite of what is good for america.

(Does that sound confusing)

The real problem we are facing is that these people believe that freedom is not for everyone.

They feel that freedom is only for those that agree with them…

Does that begin to somewhat annoy you?


Does it scare you?

(hint you should be very afraid)

We are literally on the brink of dealing with a media masquerading as the press but not providing the benefit to the people for which they claim protection from the law which is the constitution.

Now think about that for a moment and you will then begin to understand that we are in a unique situation whereby we might be about to face a corporation that just might be willing to participate in the description of America made up of people who fundamentally disagree with everything that this corporation stands for.

Wow, you might have to read that a few times to get the full picture of what is going on here.

There are terms for this type of deception and how it works to betray the people who put faith in what the media/press is all about.






Now that is interesting right because back in the 60s there was a movement that consisted of resistance to much of what today that generation then was against but now is the opposite of what we now see is true of that generation as they reveal what they have become today is what they feared then.

I realize that some might find it difficult to comprehend.

Perhaps intentionally so lets spell it out.

These People are Monsters who believe that they are the only ones that are capable of understanding what the rest of the word needs in order to be human.

That should seriously scare you in ways that horror movies have only attempted to do and failed for all these years.

(hand in there, because there is a method to the game here and were going to reveal it along the way to a rational modality of modern governance)

Were going to have law and order in this nation even if it means that congress has to take action to discipline an out of control enemy on our own soil.

Traitors who are in congress and are also in Washington.

update due this evening.