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Is the Tea Party, good bad or ugly, you decide, it looks more and more like the tea party may be you and your neighbor, and small town America, Small farming communities, small places all over this nation. You might be surprised just who is a Tea Party supporter.

 Received in an email, (not necessarily the opinions or thought or other disclaimers, of the owners of this website.)

Dear Patriot,

After the members of TheTeaParty.net made 400,000+ contacts with their elected representatives in Washington DC a deal was reached on the debt ceiling that failed to meet our simple message: don’t raise the debt ceiling without addressing the underlying spending problem!  This deal on the debt ceiling does not significantly improve our long-term financial outlook and falls well short of what we had asked for.  


It is clear that our government has missed yet another opportunity to make the difficult and painful cuts necessary to preserve American exceptionalism.

 Many have criticized Speaker Boehner for not getting the most desirable deal, but the real fault lies with his colleagues in the Senate, on both sides of the aisle, who worked to minimize his leverage at every point.

We have received overwhelming correspondence from many of our membership praising Speaker Boehner for much of what he was able to accomplish on behalf of the Tea Party movement.  By passing Cut, Cap, and Balance and fighting to win concessions from the Senate and President Obama, he has shown the kind of principled leadership that has long been missing from Washington.

The political reality that the Tea Party butted up against, is that absent a deal to raise the debt ceiling, President Obama and his many allies in the media would have blamed every single negative event between now and the election on the failure of Speaker Boehner and the Tea Party to make a deal.  Every bad economic report, every lossed job, every storm, injury, and spilled cup of coffee in the country would have been turned into another attack on Tea Party inflexibility.

After nearly three years, Obama owns this economy. Had Republicans failed to make a deal, it would have given President Obama the out he needed to strengthen his position in 2012.

 It should be noted that the Tea Party Caucus in the House voted 32 – 28 in favor of the deal negotiated by Speaker Boehner.  This deal is a sign of failed leadership, but that failure does not fall on Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans.

A clear distinction has been made between how we will govern and how our opposition will govern.  They oppose a balanced budget and they support tax hikes.  When we win the White house and the Senate in 2012 we will pass Cut, Cap, and Balance and eliminate the national debt.

This was but one skirmish in a long war between conflicting ideologies, and we won.  There will be more fights soon including a debate over the next continuing resolution in September.  Get ready because after this victory we are going to extract bigger cuts and better policy from the advocates of big government.

Thank you,

Dustin Stockton

Media/Events Director

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