The right thing for the people

You may have heard the recent news that the speaker of the house announced an early retirement from congress leaving the position of speaker of the house open.

Now this is a good thing but really why was this not done two years ago?

When a man is not in alignment with the people and favors policy that the people do not like, that man should do the right thing for the American People.

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It is provided as a thing to look at like one might look at a bug under a microscope, the biggest problem with much of the network news is that they have no such microscope and would not know how to use it were they to actually possess one.

There are rumors, floating around like land mines in this presently saturated media buzz society.

Of course there are those that are some news stories out there.


 According to Politico, since Boehner doesn’t have any political concerns to worry about, he will more than likely push through a government funding bill next week that not only keeps the government open but also keeps funds flowing to Planned Parenthood.

Unfortunately, it isn’t likely to stop there.

Speculation is brewing about other measures Boehner might act on that conservatives have opposed for some time.

These possibilities include an extension of the federal debt ceiling, a long-term highway bill or re-authorizing the Export-Import Bank.


The real story here is something that no one expected, which makes you wonder just what kind of a man Boehner actually is, were not sure but one thing seems clear his actions are not those of a patriot.

We all know that congress is corrupt, because absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It is this main issue that we face as a nation and that crisis has everything to do with failing to perform the duties that the constitution outlines, failing to perform the oath of ones office.

So, perhaps he is happy to be out of the swamp but one has to ask what does he have to smile about at all.


Boehner betraying us all?

Is this even possible how could the man that cries at the drop of a hat be this bad?

It is amazing to see how this guy allegedly is so soft that he cannot do his job…

NAGR staff is in the process of delivering more than 72,000 EMERGENCY Fax Petitions AGAINST gun control to Republican House Speaker John Boehner and your Congressman.

With news that he is deeply involved in the “behind-the-scenes wrangling to move a gun bill,” it’s vital gun owners deliver a clear, consistent message: “No Gun Control, No Deals.”

If you haven’t already done so, please click here or on the image below to sign your Free EMERGENCY Fax Petition to John Boehner and your Congressman.

When will we wake up that bad leadership and crying leaders did not help us become a great nation.

If you are sick and tired of this man who cannot seem to do the right thing for America then help get the word out.

Why is this man in charge of the house?

Why is this man not doing more?

Why wait, vote in 2014 because its time to put an end to this non-sense.

 If you’ve already signed, click here to forward this email to family and friends and ask them to send a fax as well.


Time to say Good buy to the Speaker of the House

So, what Exactly has the

Speaker of the house accomplished?

Was he able to prevent the designation of an unconstitutional “Super Committee” ?

Was he able to broker any kind of meaningful legislation?

No, allegedly he laid down at every available opportunity.

So, what can we expect from him in this next term?

[kc_heading_pac_17_headline_12 size=”60″ color=”#333333″ ]Nothing..[/kc_heading_pac_17_headline_12]

Will he find a way to figure it all out before its too late for Americans all over this once great nation?

Can we continue to follow a leader that was not able to accomplish anything at all, (allegedly)

The media has already taken House Speaker John Boehner out of context to claim that he is willing to cave on raising tax rates. In point of fact, Boehner has spoken about closing tax loopholes while lowering tax rates as part of a balanced approach to spending to avoid the much-dreaded fiscal cliff. Both House and Senate Republicans are united in their opposition to tax hikes.

There are so many reasons why we need a new speaker of the house because the this one is not a good leader.

   We need someone that is not going to back down, we need a real leader, this must be done, because the alternative is that
we will no longer be a nation of free people.

We weak men lead it only weakens the rest of the nation.

When we have a speaker that does not speak, when we have a leader that does not lead, when we have a man who will not stand up, then what hope do we have that we can temper the irresponsibly of the extreme fools in the senate.

They have no fear, they do what they want because of weak men who will not stand up against oppression and ignorance.

Until we find a way to stand up against evil men, then we have no hope of ever being free again.


McCain Betrayed us?

Did John McCain end up doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, and did the media have everything to do with why we are in this mess now?


John McCain, has been up in the Senate allegedly for far too long and he does not represent the values that America was born with, the actions of our Fathers, who took courage and fortitude and made the ultimate sacrifice, that we might be free, perhaps the time that Senator McCain spent in captivity changed him in ways that no one can truly understand unless they were treated in the same way but he was not the only prisoner of war, he did made it out.

Many others did not, the truth is that to call the American people Hobbits, is a betrayal of conscious and it is a shame on those that have sacrificed everything in service for their nation.

Received in an Email, today

 Amazing stuff folks, it is really like watching a horror movie on TV only its real.

Dear Patriot,
With political games being played with the debt ceiling and the federal budget, it’s refreshing for us to see great patriots like Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Mike Lee speak the truth. These Senators, who were elected on a wave of tea party support last year, are standing up to the dinosaurs in the Senate left over from the Bush administration. These dinosaurs, like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Orrin Hatch, were leading the GOP when it lost its way, running up massive debt while Republicans controlled all three branches of government!

Now these dinosaurs want to force through a sham of a debt ceiling deal, and the freshmen Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee are telling them, “Not so fast.” They’ve introduced their own version of Cut-Cap-Balance, a bill that will actually cut trillions of dollars in spending, rather than just purport to do so. The bill will also send a balanced budget amendment to the states as a condition of raising the debt ceiling. Speaker Boehner’s plan, in contrast, merely requires a vote on the amendment.

Western Representation PAC is particularly proud of our support for Rand Paul in 2008. We need more Senators like Rand Paul and Mike Lee, and we are looking ahead to 2012 to see where we can make an impact. The electoral map is ripe for tea party candidates, and we will be active in states like Utah, Texas, Montana, and Nebraska. We’re going to continue to support candidates like Rand Paul and Mike Lee, and you can support our efforts to retake the Senate for Conservatives by making a donation –HERE–

It’s not enough for the GOP to take control of the Senate, but Conservatives need to take control of the GOP. With your donation, you can help us nominate more great patriots like Rand Paul and Mike Lee.

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Tea Party

Is the Tea Party, good bad or ugly, you decide, it looks more and more like the tea party may be you and your neighbor, and small town America, Small farming communities, small places all over this nation. You might be surprised just who is a Tea Party supporter.

 Received in an email, (not necessarily the opinions or thought or other disclaimers, of the owners of this website.)

Dear Patriot,

After the members of made 400,000+ contacts with their elected representatives in Washington DC a deal was reached on the debt ceiling that failed to meet our simple message: don’t raise the debt ceiling without addressing the underlying spending problem!  This deal on the debt ceiling does not significantly improve our long-term financial outlook and falls well short of what we had asked for.  


It is clear that our government has missed yet another opportunity to make the difficult and painful cuts necessary to preserve American exceptionalism.

 Many have criticized Speaker Boehner for not getting the most desirable deal, but the real fault lies with his colleagues in the Senate, on both sides of the aisle, who worked to minimize his leverage at every point.

We have received overwhelming correspondence from many of our membership praising Speaker Boehner for much of what he was able to accomplish on behalf of the Tea Party movement.  By passing Cut, Cap, and Balance and fighting to win concessions from the Senate and President Obama, he has shown the kind of principled leadership that has long been missing from Washington.

The political reality that the Tea Party butted up against, is that absent a deal to raise the debt ceiling, President Obama and his many allies in the media would have blamed every single negative event between now and the election on the failure of Speaker Boehner and the Tea Party to make a deal.  Every bad economic report, every lossed job, every storm, injury, and spilled cup of coffee in the country would have been turned into another attack on Tea Party inflexibility.

After nearly three years, Obama owns this economy. Had Republicans failed to make a deal, it would have given President Obama the out he needed to strengthen his position in 2012.

 It should be noted that the Tea Party Caucus in the House voted 32 – 28 in favor of the deal negotiated by Speaker Boehner.  This deal is a sign of failed leadership, but that failure does not fall on Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans.

A clear distinction has been made between how we will govern and how our opposition will govern.  They oppose a balanced budget and they support tax hikes.  When we win the White house and the Senate in 2012 we will pass Cut, Cap, and Balance and eliminate the national debt.

This was but one skirmish in a long war between conflicting ideologies, and we won.  There will be more fights soon including a debate over the next continuing resolution in September.  Get ready because after this victory we are going to extract bigger cuts and better policy from the advocates of big government.

Thank you,

Dustin Stockton

Media/Events Director

Is Obama Terrified of the “Secret $200 Retirement Blueprint?”

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Obama to blame?

Is President Obama to blame for the problems

that we have, well according to this email he is,

and they say that he has threatened

to veto a bill that might put Americans back to work, but is that really true?

It seems like we have a problem and that for some reason the liberals are not working with anyone, how could that be?

Received in an email…

Dear Patriot,
With time running out on the debt ceiling deadline, leaders in Congress are moving closer to the framework of a deal that would cut spending by trillions of dollars without raising taxes. While it has yet to be proven that the cuts are real and substantive, rather than just gimmicks, this is the kind of deal that could put this country on track to balance the budget and restore confidence in the markets.
There are even reports that Boehner, McConnell and Reid took a deal to the President, who flatly said he would veto it because it did not raise taxes.

Even the despicable (allegedly) Harry Reid has given up on these dangerous games, but Barack Obama is attempting to further damage the economy by raising taxes in an attempt to force Conservatives to say uncle, but is there a chance that we could raise more revenue by having a fair tax, or a flat tax?
We won’t stand for this! Please, help us tell Barack Obama that we cannot afford to raise taxes during a struggling economy! You can support our fight to shrink the size of government and restore fiscal sanity by making a donation –HERE–

Bryan Shroyer
Executive Director, Western Representation PAC


sold out America?

Have we been sold out by the republicans in congress, who were elected to do the will of the people.

It is a serious problem when those that promise to do the right thing fail to do it, when presented with the chance to make a difference in the world have they betrayed the people who voted for them?

I find it difficult to support a speaker that allegedly has sold out the American people in favor of political things that perhaps would be better if people kept their word, in the past the media depended upon people not being aware of what is really going on in the world however that has changed because the people are not dependant upon the media any longer.

The word is out all over the Internet, the people feel like they have been allegedly betrayed.

In the last election cycle it was clear that a mandate came from the American people this has been ignored by the republicians led by speaker Boehner leading to headlines like Boehner betrays American People, and other websites are also making strong statements, it is a problem that the media is ignorning.

Bill orielly made the statement that the Tea party was finished, (allegedly) but is Bill really fair and ballanced or was he just spinning trying to wrangle another invite to that great tasting whitehouse food?

That is just about standard fare here, for ol bill orielly, because, it is very obvious that Bill is not being fair in his analysis.

Others have said that the tea party was finished in the past, but they were wrong.

Bill is wrong on this too and he lost a viewer tonight, in his nasty, (allegedly) anti tea party rant on national TV.

One thing remains clear, the people have spoken and if Boehner will not do the will of the people then it is time for him to step down.

In November the American people sent a clear unequivocal message CUT SPENDING. Republican leadership promised a minimum 100 billion in cuts immediately if elected. The quickly backslid to $61 billion and now we see Speaker Boehner throw American voters who want their government saved….overboard with a pitiful and insignificant $38 billion in cuts.Disgusting..a betrayal..reprehensible are the nicest words that come to mind.

Sadly I am very disapointed in the speaker for not leading..

It is a failure…

At a time when we needed leadership the most, we have a man who cannot stand on his own two feet, please Mr. Speaker if you do not intend to lead, please resign.


boehner betrayal

The end of America perhaps has come and it came with allegedly a betrayal
by the Speaker of the House, people are very upset that they have had their
votes nullified by the inaction of the speaker.

Will the republicans stand firm and do the right thing for the American People?

Should speaker Boehner resign?


Boehner betrayed the people?

People are fired up about this, we have serious problems here and the
speaker perhaps should think about resigning.

Warning this video is intense, and the guy is angry, but do you blame him? Perhaps he should be more respectful or afriad dont know which but for sure this guy is fired up and mad, the republicians of the old GOP Guard have sold out!

If you voted to send a message to washington, then your vote has not been counted, they have allegedly ignored you.