The right thing for the people

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You may have heard the recent news that the speaker of the house announced an early retirement from congress leaving the position of speaker of the house open.

Now this is a good thing but really why was this not done two years ago?

When a man is not in alignment with the people and favors policy that the people do not like, that man should do the right thing for the American People.

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It is provided as a thing to look at like one might look at a bug under a microscope, the biggest problem with much of the network news is that they have no such microscope and would not know how to use it were they to actually possess one.

There are rumors, floating around like land mines in this presently saturated media buzz society.

Of course there are those that are some news stories out there.


 According to Politico, since Boehner doesn’t have any political concerns to worry about, he will more than likely push through a government funding bill next week that not only keeps the government open but also keeps funds flowing to Planned Parenthood.

Unfortunately, it isn’t likely to stop there.

Speculation is brewing about other measures Boehner might act on that conservatives have opposed for some time.

These possibilities include an extension of the federal debt ceiling, a long-term highway bill or re-authorizing the Export-Import Bank.


The real story here is something that no one expected, which makes you wonder just what kind of a man Boehner actually is, were not sure but one thing seems clear his actions are not those of a patriot.

We all know that congress is corrupt, because absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It is this main issue that we face as a nation and that crisis has everything to do with failing to perform the duties that the constitution outlines, failing to perform the oath of ones office.

So, perhaps he is happy to be out of the swamp but one has to ask what does he have to smile about at all.