Why Polls Mean Nothing…

This year as in the past the Media (liberal therof, non reporting media) except when it benefits their agenda, usually begin to report how polls tell this what will happen in the future.

The funny thing actually laughable thing here is that Polls really dont mean a thing in this or any election mostly because they are not scientific in nature.

In order for a poll to be scienfific it must meet with several factors.


The number of peopel polled must be a percentage of likely voters.

1200 out of 300 million voters, thats not scientific, its fraud.

 The questions must be objective not subjective.

When you ask someone a question like is the sky blue?

You can get a predictible answer.

But what if you change the words around a little,
Is the sky blue today?

Now your going to get an unpredictable answer.

Polls do not mean a thing except that someone spent a lot of money to get the results that they pay to get.

This is so that they can go on TV and talk about what the polls say…

Its amazing that they even believe it themselves, perhaps they just think were the only ones stupid enough to believe a poll.

The only thing for sure in this world is that if you do not vote this tuesday, we dont want to hear you complain when the US delcares bankrupcty and they decide that what little amount of money you have in the bank is now needed to keep up appearances.

(sure its laughable but hopefully its better to laugh than to cry once it becomes clear that what the media have done is to participate in the election process)

You should ask yourself why the media cover certain stories and not others, The biggest quesiton you should ask yourself is are you buying any products that are advertisised on Broadcast TV?

When you think about how great a disservice that the media are engaging in during these elections and indeed all the time now, you should begin to question why only a small portion of the public are being represented by the media.

Its time to vote people and that is the one thing the media hope that you do not do this election.


Is America Gay?

If you were to believe every thing you see on TV or on the media you might think that were all Gay.

That is really funny at least a little bit funny.

The problem is most of these people who are carrying the torch of being “openly Gay” may not really be that at all.

Case in point, a recent profession that an actress Ellen Page, declares that she is Gay, Ok, but lets look at the facts.

This actress was born in 1986

She is 26

Sorry but most of these “kids” don’t know what they want these days much less what to do with the rest of their lives. 

You see it really does not matter if she is Gay or if she is just experimenting with being Gay because the media will promote you like they did the football player news story.

The real truth is this If all of America were gay, this nation would cease to exist in less than 20 years.

Does that mean that the heterosexual lifestyle is somehow wrong or strangely portrayed as someone who is called names because they prefer the opposite sex?

These days if you dare say anything against the Media and its glamorization of the Gay life style, they call you names, they say your a hater they do all kinds of ultimately despicable things.

So, in reality, are our kids being influenced by the media and its use of gayness as a cool thing?

The truth here is clear, we have young adults that are easily influenced in a time and at an age where they really have not created a real identity.

Is this young woman Gay?

Who knows for sure because she very likely does not really know for sure either, only time will tell for sure.

She can get in front of the camera and act, she may be a good actress, but she is still a young woman that has a lot of life to live, never let the media tell you what is real and what is illusion.




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GOP finished

Is the GOP done?

The Democrats would like to think so and perhaps they do have a point about how messed up the GOP actually is these days, with half of its members attempting to move further to the left to be more like the democrats and half moving more to the right, being in the center is not really a good place to be these days.

Still you have to wonder when a party begins to fight among itself there is truly no way forward.

Democrats have a huge problem with credibility and denial of the truth.

They would love to see a situation where some GOP members that want to be more like democrats fail to embrace change.

If the democrats figure out that its policies have not worked and that they have to do the right thing for the nation then the 2016 election could turn out very different.

The funny thing is that democrats spend so much time thinking up how to spin the news that they fail to address the truth.

The democrats are still using the same game plan they have for years and that is something that is a huge mistake, back in the 1950s it was easy to spin the news and most people could not really figure out what was being done to them.  What happens next is totally in the control of the democrats if they continue to do things like they did in the past, then nothing will change.

It is interesting that democrats and a lot of republicans do not realize that with the advent of the internet the average intelligence of people and most importantly voters has changed from what it was in the past.

People can think and they can understand complex situations much more now than in the past.

This truth is what eludes many politicians, they are being advised by morons and buffoons that have not figured this out either.

Common sense is the order of the day yet so many politicians are not even understanding that.

What is most interesting is that neither the GOP or the DNC have the power they think they have.

People are thinking this is not the middle ages where people were kept down because they could not read or understand the truth that has changed and that my friends is the most important fact that most politicians are about to understand even if it costs them their seat. 

Those that understand this will be the winners in the 2014 and 2016 elections. 


It is your Right to do so and you cannot sit on the couch and wait for someone else to do it. 


CNN portrays Duck Dynasty in bad light?

So what do you think, Facebook has exploded into a huge controversy that is growing every day most people are sick and tired of all the crap that is going on day after day, you can embrace one way of life and disrespect another and no one cares but say anything a bout people in hollywood and how trashy they live and you have done gone and done it now. 

LOL, its really funny…

CNN makes a statement like, Duck Dynasty under fire?

What is that?

Seems like the real statement is more like A&E Fs up. 

A&E is stupid, full of trolls and hates americans

because they are not americans. 

But why would they do that?

Are they American at all?



2014 vote them out Politics

Voting Rights or Cough Syrup?

If you read the Headline below you might think that something terrible was happening in Texas, but the reality that headline is not an honest statement of fact.

GOP strips Voting Rights?

The truth about this news story is a simple thing it is about the death of unborn children!

That might seem dramatic but after you take away all the smoke and mirrors all the little twists of fact into fiction that is what they are talking about the ability of a doctor to terminate the life of a child after a certain number of days.

So contrary to what some people think this is not about voting rights, its not about Identification which is really funny in a way because you now have to show your ID to be able to purchase cough medicine over the counter…   

No this is about murdering children…  

And that my reading friends is unacceptable.

Radicals in Texas think that they can make Abortion after 20 weeks into a story about Voter ID?

That is just plain Stupid, but hey those funny liberals, if it were not so sad you would have to just laugh at how ignorant they really are.

 You may remember a few months ago when a woman in Texas attempted to take a few volunteers some allegedly PTP (paid to protest) and attempted to silence the majority of citizens in Texas who support the fact that 20 weeks is enough time to make a decision about aborting a child. 

This is a hard thing mostly because children are precious and beautiful.

However the idea that somehow voter ID is such a burden on woman voters that it is some kind of political theater.

Just know for sure that this is not the will of the people of Texas, most of these protesters were not even from Texas, (allegedly)

They can try all the smoke and mirrors tricks they want but in the end its about Texans voting in a valid election not strangers coming in from other states trying to influence political policy in Texas.

You can play with the facts and attempt to make this about Voter ID, but we all know the real story here and that is the truth.






Who cares what the media says…

You know there is one thing that the media has forgotten that will spell the eventual end of their power over humanity.

They think that people will care or even believe a word that comes out of the producers mouth.

Puppet heads that say one thing while knowing another.

Fools that pretend that they are telling the truth but secretly know differently.

The truth about the media is that the American Public no longer believe in the media.

The one thing that is even funnier than the self righteous media pretending they are relevant is the advertisers who spend millions every week advertising on these outdated modes of media.

Now that is really funny…

Think about those advertisers that pay all that money out and have little or even nothing to show for it, who is in charge of those products, because if I see someone wasting money Im thinking that the product is not that good.

Its simple logic, if a company is spending millions on worthless advertising, how good can their product actually be?


This is why most people do not really bother to think about what the media say because the media are no longer a part of the real world, they have created a place where they can hear their own voices and believe that they are making a difference, the truth is no one really cares anymore because the media have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted.

Just consider this every community has a person that tells so many lies that they are no longer trusted, if this person were to tell you something you would not even listen, if you did listen you would not believe what they were saying.

That is the truth and now what is happening to the media is that they have become the community liar.




Jay Carney Laughed to Scorn by Reporters?

There comes a time in a mans life when he must reflect on his past and his future, I would say its time for Jay to do that.

There has been (allegedly) a considerable amount of dubious statements over the last several years, spin so massive that it is a wonder the planet does not move off its axis.  The thing here that is not funny is the laughing stock that this office has become both here and abroad.

When you see this you have to wonder, what are they thinking?

Do they really think that were all that ignorant?



Snowden, Chapman, The Spy who Loved me?

Ok, I know how this must sound, but you really cannot make this kind of thing up…

If Snowden were to Marry, Chapman then there would be a situation where Snowden could legally stay so long as he does not make her mad, hmmm, the alternative is Bubba, in the US Prison System, seems like a good deal at this point. .. .

But the thing here is this, how did it get this far out of hand? Would it not have been smarter to just diminish the situation, wait till Snowden was in reach then make an arrest?

Instead they push Snowden into the Arms of Chapman, in at least one funny attempt at humor, someone online commented that if Snowden did not accept the offer he would…


College Scandal amid high tuition

There are many that feel that higher education is not what it used to be, mostly because well it is not.

When you look at this situation you have to wonder why anyone would send their children to a University that charges $45,000.00 per year for your child to listen to this kind of bull pucky…

Seriously this is education and you know what is really funny about this crazy so called professor…
He is an old white angry man…


We are just minutes away from more media Bull pucky?

Imagine this, what will happen when the media begin to tell more of their lies, they will say that its very close, that Romney appears to have lost they will call states for Obama before the full results are in.

They will continue to do this even when Romney appears to have the same lead as states called for Obama.

They will say that it all comes down to one small county in an entire state…

Its really funny because they really

believe their own bull…

They will continue to say its going to be a long long long night.

They will tell you that every state is too close to call for Romney but they will quickly call states for Obama.

Why do they do this?   Why do they lie about the facts when faced with exit polls that do not make any sense, they will continue to use faulty information to justify the way they feel.

But elections are not about feelings,

it is about votes.

No matter what they say the truth is that America is voting, they are voting even now and even if the media lies about everything, the truth will come out, they will have to grudgingly, admit a Romney Win.

It may take them a long time to do that but they will have to eventually do the right thing.

I wonder why they have such a hard time doing that?