Why Polls Mean Nothing…

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This year as in the past the Media (liberal therof, non reporting media) except when it benefits their agenda, usually begin to report how polls tell this what will happen in the future.

The funny thing actually laughable thing here is that Polls really dont mean a thing in this or any election mostly because they are not scientific in nature.

In order for a poll to be scienfific it must meet with several factors.


The number of peopel polled must be a percentage of likely voters.

1200 out of 300 million voters, thats not scientific, its fraud.

 The questions must be objective not subjective.

When you ask someone a question like is the sky blue?

You can get a predictible answer.

But what if you change the words around a little,
Is the sky blue today?

Now your going to get an unpredictable answer.

Polls do not mean a thing except that someone spent a lot of money to get the results that they pay to get.

This is so that they can go on TV and talk about what the polls say…

Its amazing that they even believe it themselves, perhaps they just think were the only ones stupid enough to believe a poll.

The only thing for sure in this world is that if you do not vote this tuesday, we dont want to hear you complain when the US delcares bankrupcty and they decide that what little amount of money you have in the bank is now needed to keep up appearances.

(sure its laughable but hopefully its better to laugh than to cry once it becomes clear that what the media have done is to participate in the election process)

You should ask yourself why the media cover certain stories and not others, The biggest quesiton you should ask yourself is are you buying any products that are advertisised on Broadcast TV?

When you think about how great a disservice that the media are engaging in during these elections and indeed all the time now, you should begin to question why only a small portion of the public are being represented by the media.

Its time to vote people and that is the one thing the media hope that you do not do this election.