Is America Gay?

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If you were to believe every thing you see on TV or on the media you might think that were all Gay.

That is really funny at least a little bit funny.

The problem is most of these people who are carrying the torch of being “openly Gay” may not really be that at all.

Case in point, a recent profession that an actress Ellen Page, declares that she is Gay, Ok, but lets look at the facts.

This actress was born in 1986

She is 26

Sorry but most of these “kids” don’t know what they want these days much less what to do with the rest of their lives. 

You see it really does not matter if she is Gay or if she is just experimenting with being Gay because the media will promote you like they did the football player news story.

The real truth is this If all of America were gay, this nation would cease to exist in less than 20 years.

Does that mean that the heterosexual lifestyle is somehow wrong or strangely portrayed as someone who is called names because they prefer the opposite sex?

These days if you dare say anything against the Media and its glamorization of the Gay life style, they call you names, they say your a hater they do all kinds of ultimately despicable things.

So, in reality, are our kids being influenced by the media and its use of gayness as a cool thing?

The truth here is clear, we have young adults that are easily influenced in a time and at an age where they really have not created a real identity.

Is this young woman Gay?

Who knows for sure because she very likely does not really know for sure either, only time will tell for sure.

She can get in front of the camera and act, she may be a good actress, but she is still a young woman that has a lot of life to live, never let the media tell you what is real and what is illusion.