GOP finished

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Is the GOP done?

The Democrats would like to think so and perhaps they do have a point about how messed up the GOP actually is these days, with half of its members attempting to move further to the left to be more like the democrats and half moving more to the right, being in the center is not really a good place to be these days.

Still you have to wonder when a party begins to fight among itself there is truly no way forward.

Democrats have a huge problem with credibility and denial of the truth.

They would love to see a situation where some GOP members that want to be more like democrats fail to embrace change.

If the democrats figure out that its policies have not worked and that they have to do the right thing for the nation then the 2016 election could turn out very different.

The funny thing is that democrats spend so much time thinking up how to spin the news that they fail to address the truth.

The democrats are still using the same game plan they have for years and that is something that is a huge mistake, back in the 1950s it was easy to spin the news and most people could not really figure out what was being done to them.  What happens next is totally in the control of the democrats if they continue to do things like they did in the past, then nothing will change.

It is interesting that democrats and a lot of republicans do not realize that with the advent of the internet the average intelligence of people and most importantly voters has changed from what it was in the past.

People can think and they can understand complex situations much more now than in the past.

This truth is what eludes many politicians, they are being advised by morons and buffoons that have not figured this out either.

Common sense is the order of the day yet so many politicians are not even understanding that.

What is most interesting is that neither the GOP or the DNC have the power they think they have.

People are thinking this is not the middle ages where people were kept down because they could not read or understand the truth that has changed and that my friends is the most important fact that most politicians are about to understand even if it costs them their seat. 

Those that understand this will be the winners in the 2014 and 2016 elections. 


It is your Right to do so and you cannot sit on the couch and wait for someone else to do it.