Tag: 2016 election

  • No Voter Fraud…

    Remember a while back when the Media were talking about the ridiculous idea that Voter Fraud played a part in the 2016 election? What No Way, you mean that the Media were lying again? that is just hard to imagine.

  • Media News Games

    It is interesting to watch how the media continue to try to manipulate the public perception of what really happened in the 2016 election. Seriously Think about it for just a few seconds… Is it more likely that the Democrats lost the election because Hillary Clinton was at the core of who she is not […]

  • The Broken Media

    The Media and the Press as well is Broken. Simply put they are now unable to effectively report the news. Many of them are just making up the news. That is something that is hard to imagine considering that what they attempted to do in this 2016 election failed. We know that doing the same […]

  • Learning a lesson?

    You might think that the Media would learn a lesson here however that does not appear to be something that the liberals in the media understand much about. As Smart as they “Think” they are it is really surprising to the average ordinary person when you realize that the Media learned nothing from the humiliation […]

  • Media delays calling election

    The Media are holding out for a victory for their chosen candidate. That is wrong in so many ways… It is not the mandate of the press to take sides in an election yet that is what happened in this 2016 election. The people have spoken… It is time that the media stop picking sides.

  • Eating your hat

    Will the media have to eat its hat? We are still looking at what is going on and that is something that many people feel the media is actively misleading the public over the state of the 2016 election. The truth is beginning to come out and the media may have to eat its hat. […]

  • The Real Truth about the 2016 election

    By now even the most careless person who has little interest in the election has seen a few minutes of television coverage about this election and the truth is a simple and shining example of how the media can only do so much to throw or rig the election. We have seen examples of personal […]

  • Kasich Calamity

    The Presidential Candidacy of John Kasich has been a difficult one. On one hand mr Kasich is a likable fellow but has he taken it too far to say that he would be willing to become the nominee in a contestable way? Most of us remember how things are in the real world and sometimes […]