Learning a lesson?

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You might think that the Media would learn a lesson here however that does not appear to be something that the liberals in the media understand much about.

As Smart as they “Think” they are it is really surprising to the average ordinary person when you realize that the Media learned nothing from the humiliation of this 2016 election.

They learned nothing but we learned a lot.

Apparently the media learned nothing about what happened in this election.

That is simply just incomprehensible.

How can someone not learn from their failures?

It has been said that those that refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat the failures they have engaged in.

The actual Quote, reads something like this, Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”

We find that today the media have not learned from their mistakes.

Thus you can see just how easily it is to predict what the media will do next.

What is really baffling here is the idea that the media are really this ignorant.

That is just hard to imagine and what is even more interesting is that these people are being paid large sums of money from corporations that spend large sums of money to find people who can do what they need them to do.

The greatest problem here is that apparently if you are sympathetic to the liberal agenda perhaps it signifies a lesser intellect.

Sorry if that sounds somewhat offensive but the only other alternative is that they think that the public will not remember.

They think that your too stupid to understand that they were wrong about everything.

They were wrong about the polls which they participated in creating.

They were wrong about the talking points which they designed to defeat Trump.

They were wrong about everything and they were shocked when everything they tried to do failed miserably.

They failed and now they are repeating their past mistakes.

How do we know that the ignorant media is repeating their mistakes?

Simple, they are spinning what happened as an upset…


That is laughable because for one thing the people knew what the media were trying to do and the results of the election showed it plainly for any one to observe.

So now the talking points for the newly humiliated media and press is the election was an Upset.

It was not a repudiation of the liberal agenda which only 18 percent of the people support.

It was a fluke?

How demeaning these “Super Intelligent Media Bobble Heads” can be?

Wow, yes it really seems funny…

Yet they continue and they continue to try to convince the public that what happened did not really happen by spinning the result of the election as something that was “Unexpected”

The only thing that was “Unexpected” about this election was that the media were not effective in deceiving the public.

You the media lost your election and your candidate who depended on you also lost this election because your “people” were not smart enough to understand that your “195o style brain washing techniques” no longer work.

But what is even more funny is the fact that you don’t know that it did not work because you still believe in what your trying to do but I am telling you that the Covers have been pulled of your nakedness.

Your corruption and your lies are plain for anyone to see and contrary to the Psycho Babble that you people believe in The People are not going to forget this.

Were going to continue to Not Trust you.

Everything you say we will assume is a lie.

Guess what else is going to play a role in your future?

Advertisers are going to start to pay less for time on your fake news stations.

That is going to be  huge problem for you unless you find some kind of way to either fire those idiot producers you think are so in touch with programming the people or your going to just keep on going the same way, “Thinking” that your ok that it will work this time.

All I have to say is this.